Who's Who?

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Who's Who?

Postby Mandrake » Apr 30th, '06, 23:41

For the benefit of newcomers, and several old timers, here at TM who have asked about the makeup of TM it's all very simple!

TM is owned by Laurence Jones who visits from time to time and regularly joins in with Moderator discussions on various points regarding TM activities and Forum policies - his word is final in all cases!

The Moderators are Lady of Mystery and Mandrake who, with 'Support', and occasional input from our Consultant Moderators share the responsibility to keep the Forum sweet and running smoothly. None of us has any financial investment in TM, we don’t get paid and we don’t get commissions on advertising etc so the only reason we stay here is a common love of Magic and that's a very strong bond. Each Moderator has family and day job activities as well as a private life and Forum responsibilities so if queries and questions aren't answered immediately, you know why! On occasions the Moderators need to deal with unacceptable activities and, although there is no requirement to explain this or give notice of action, we try to be as fair as possible in all cases. The underlying idea of TM is to discuss Magic in all forms and to exchange views in civilised manner thus adding to our cumulative understanding and appreciation of Magic. We aren't a teaching Forum or a Trading Post but we do encompass some of those activities here.

For queries and questions a PM to any Moderator is the best way to start the ball rolling.

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