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Wild Card

Postby shadowmask » May 29th, '06, 04:29

Great trick, this trick uses minimal slights and is simply amazing. Perfect close up magic and great for impromptu displays. Great for all levels as it can be modified with more advanced flourishes etc.

Effect: You show and lay down 8 cards and one wild card. Upon contact with the wild card the 4 piles change to the Wild Card.

I bought it from a store when i was traveling recently and it has been a blast. You could easily add and modify the basic routine given.

difficulty is about a 2/5

I give this trick a 10/10

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Postby shaneking » Apr 28th, '07, 17:07

Yes, this is one of my favourite packet tricks. So much so that I bought several complete decks of "special" cards so that I could make my own sets up as they suffer from wear and tear.
The sleights used are also not too difficult and will encourage newcomers to the art to pursue the discipline of learning "moves".
I would definitely recommend this to a beginner. I have performed this trick for over 12 years and it has always got a good reaction.

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Postby johnny Mystic » Oct 6th, '08, 05:32

Frank Garcia added a kicker to this trick, where half the duplicate cards turn blank and chnage colors on the backs and all can be examinded.

I have a set that was given to me by an old magician buddy, they were given to him by Frank Garcia himself.

I never use 'em...just sorta stare at them occasionally.


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Postby swamy » Oct 12th, '08, 17:17

There is a wild card effect where 4 cards are displayed with unlighted candles. Then one by one 3 candles gets lighted and the last card displays a Cake and a "Happy Birthday" printed.

I do not know the original name, the inventors name, and the dealer who markets this birthday card wild effect.

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