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Postby TheOldForum » Sep 3rd, '02, 22:52

Where is the best online place to buy magic tricks, for cheap??

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Postby TheOldForum » Sep 4th, '02, 11:15

Magictrickshop.com is owned bya guy called Laurence. he is a Magician himself and carries a large selection of stocked items. His prices are also pretty good (unless you're after vid's, in which case it's better to contact a USA company).

... Tony

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Postby Magic Man » Apr 23rd, '03, 22:25

I like www.emagictricks.co.uk they an impressive range of tricks and the service is quite good

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Magic supplies...

Postby seige » Apr 24th, '03, 10:26

emagictricks is obviously the *preferred* place to get your stuff here in the UK, but in case of difficulty, there's a guy called Frank Riposta in the US who will ship stuff out.

He stocks LOADS of stuff, he's been doing this for years. Email him a request to pastamagic@aol.com and see if he can do you a deal...

PS... tell him 'seige@mac.com' recommended you, you may get a better deal.

Unfortunately, there is a much bigger and cheaper range in the US, and if you're not worried about a few days extra on your shipping, you can always check out 'www.penguinmagic.com', which is in my opionion the slickest and easiest magic site available. Their customer service, demo videos, site layout and stock levels are the level to which I think all other online magic stores should aim for.

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Postby jabba01 » Apr 24th, '03, 10:42

Magic Warehouse in the States is usually very good, shipping charges are reasonable as well. Also merchant of magic is very good :-)

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Postby mark hanson » Apr 26th, '03, 12:42

www.merchantofmagic.co.uk fast and very good selection

mark hanson
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Postby midge25 » Apr 26th, '03, 20:45

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Postby nickj » Apr 27th, '03, 10:51

For those of you in the Northamptonshire region have a look at www.studio9magic.co.uk
We don't deal online but do do mail order, and if you visit the shop you will be able to meet me which will be a great priviledge!

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