Sanctum by David Forrest - REVIEW

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Sanctum by David Forrest - REVIEW

Postby Tom Lauten » Jun 11th, '06, 01:43

Sanctum by David Forrest

Available from and many magic retailers

Price: £11.99

Card illusion

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

They say:

David Forrest's Sanctum is the Card Through Window effect, but miniaturized.

A card is selected and a corner is torn off and placed on top of the deck. The case is slowly passed over the torn corner where upon it disappears. The case is slowly turned over. There, under a large black 'X' lies the torn quarter! The case, complete with cellophane and corner still in place, is immediately handed out for examination.

The clever gimmicks contained within will allow you to cause one torn quarter from a chosen card to penetrate the cellophane on your card case. The cellophane is shown to be free from tears or slits and there is clearly nothing underneath.

Bicycle gimmicks included
Practically self-working
Only basic card skills required

I say:
“Card Through Window huh? Intriguing“… I have thought…, “but not the most spontaneous effect to perform“. Well…that’s what I get for thinking because along came David Forrest’s Sanctum. (not to be confused with Outlaw Effects mentalism utility “Sanctum”)

The A-5 plastic bag contains a fold-out A-3 size instruction “poster” that covers the entire history, concept, set up and performance of the effect…and does so very well too. You also get Bicycle gimmicks. Mine were blue and it may be that red ones are also available, but I can’t confirm this. The gimmicks are very well made and my gosh, they do the job well.

Sanctum may not be best suited as an opener, in fact it could well be a charming and perplexing closer. This is due mainly to the starting position of the deck and the card box, the latter being in a pocket with the deck already out and in play with other effects if you like. This isn’t set in stone and I’m sure one could shift things around a bit to suit but lets just look at it as the instructions suggest. There are a couple of elements of the handling that aren’t addressed in huge detail within the instructions but logic will dictate what to do and your first trial run will make the solutions abundantly clear…not to worry.

The effect is very, VERY visual with the penetration happening in a butter smooth, split-second. This can be done totally surrounded. The fact that the moment of magic happens with the full attention of the spectators is very powerful indeed.

The illusion is so strong you will find yourself practicing over and over just so you can watch it as well! The trick ends pretty darned clean with the torn corner being offered up to the card it was previously taken from and the case and cellophane are as innocent as can be…smooooth.

This is an elegant and powerful miniature illusion that ends about as clean as one might hope considering that you will be using some “tricky-bits”. The instructions are clear and concise although a little more insight on a small part of the “clean up” might be of use and I’m still not sure about the “instruction-poster” format…but these really are picky points though.

What it comes down to is that this is a charming , close up, miniature CTW effect that really does work... exceptionally well. The gimmicks are superb and the workings are ingenious and smooth as silk. This is a real joy to perform as it is so convincing and so easy. If you can’t manage to baffle them with this one…you need to recharge your “baffle-batteries” ‘cause it ain’t the fault of “Sanctum”, that’s for sure!



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Tom Lauten
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Postby Stephen Ward » Jun 11th, '06, 09:00

I have looked at this and it does seem like a good effect. At the price it is worth taking a gamble.

Stephen Ward
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SANCTUM and Special Offer

Postby Dave Forrest » Jun 12th, '06, 14:59

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the very thorough review. Nice one.

Just to let the rest of you know that I'm currently running an offer at the website where you get one effect FREE when you buy ANYTHING on the site, including SANCTUM.



Dave Forrest
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Postby Stephen Ward » Jun 12th, '06, 15:02

Tec-dec looks really good too

Stephen Ward
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Postby Rdw1971 » Aug 31st, '06, 10:49

This is a great effect.

I've changed the handling slightly so the box can be in view the whole time.

Recomended by Dr Rob

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Cool, but he's done bettter.

Postby TheTrickery » Jan 7th, '07, 21:10

This trick sounds great, but he's done better.
In his DVD Trickery he did a mini-card through window effect called Glazed and Confused in which the entire card penetrates visually through the cellofame. And, with a bit more sleight of hand, the old torn corner swindle can be used.
Anyway, both are great but Glazed and confused is more visual.

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Postby Atomo » Jan 8th, '07, 21:13

has anyone managed to figure out how the 'buy one get one free' offer on David Forests sight works??

i went there hoping to please mistress CUPS with some unesscesary purchases, but could seem to see the offer being advertised.

Has anyone got his effect Smoke Rings,??? it looks nice, and be a great little impromptu trick.

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