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Postby The great rubbish one » Jul 31st, '06, 16:47

It is a great book, I always find myself going back to it again and again.

Some of the tricks I've just skimmed through thinking that they were not that good, but when a friend of mine showed me some of them in action I thought wow and went back and learnt them myself.

Like everyone else here I recomend it to be in every magicians library.


The great rubbish one
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Postby mousetower » Aug 3rd, '06, 07:59

A very cool book. I only bought it because it was cheap, in a publisher's clearing house type shop. I had no real interest in magic at the time, but this book got me started.
Buy it next time you see it!

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Postby Lord Freddie » Oct 11th, '06, 20:17

I am in agreement with everyone else here. This is an essential book you will go back to time and time again.
If you only use a tenth of the effects in here, you have got your money's worth.
I only have 1-4 of the Tarbell Course at the moment ( it seems to be harder to find that it was seven or eight years ago or so) and these are my most referred to magic books, alongside Mark Wilson's comprehensive tome.

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Lord Freddie
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Postby robjustrob » Oct 13th, '06, 18:20

being only a novice by my own standards and having only done one show (a charity event for a childrens home) and a family man with bills i dont have much money to spend but when my wife found me mark wilsons book only £9.99 in waterstones sale i havent purchased a single thing in months but it is always on my table i have barely touched the surface and im always practising a superb book and a must have you wont spend a penny for months. what a find

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Postby Mandrake » Oct 13th, '06, 18:23

robjustrob wrote:mark wilsons book only £9.99 in waterstones sale
Bargain of the century - and congrats on having such an understanding and resourceful Wife :D !

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Postby seige » Oct 13th, '06, 19:06

If it's any news to anyone, I have the 'Deluxe' version (hardback) in stock at NUMS.

(gratuitous plug over :D)

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Postby Miles More Magic » Mar 18th, '07, 15:34

A recent post in forum requests suggests we let people know where to buy the things we review. (Great idea.) So here goes.

Some, but not all Waterstones bookshops sell them. Price between about £9.99 and the full price, which is £14.99. I bought a second copy yesterday (so my son wouldn't keep pinching mine!) from a local bookshop, for just £6.99. Look round in bookshops rather than magic shops to start with, but if you don't find it quickly, order it from a magic site. ( I believe some of the sites that advertise onj here sell it.)
Don't leave it just to get a bargain. If you have to pay full price (The hardback WILL be more) don't worry. You still have a bargain. This book is unique in magic. It is vastly UNDERpriced! Get it where you can, as soon as you can.
If you do look in bookshops, be prepared to look in a few sections.
This and other magic books can be found in, amongst others:

The hobbies and pasttimes.
indoor games (quite often near books on poker or chess)
outdoor games and sports
visual arts
Or is it just the bookshops I go in that can't decide what to put magic under?

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Miles More Magic
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Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

Postby roddy » Mar 23rd, '07, 13:06

This book is available from The Book Depository Ltd. at a cost of 11.14
pounds including postage and as I live in Germany this is excellent.

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    Postby Brookish » Apr 8th, '07, 11:01

    Just ordered mine! Thanks guys

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    Postby Lester » Nov 15th, '07, 21:24

    Just thought I'd offer my thoughts.

    Anyone who is contemplating buying this wonderful work, contemplate no longer. It is superb! A timeless book of good, practical magic and advice for any magician, whether they are just starting out or a full time professional.

    It is true to say, there is something in this book for everyone, even down to plans on how to build a servicable magic table! This tome will, if you are new to magic, provide you with a bedrock of information that you will constantly refer to in the years to come.

    The cost of the book is negligble but what it affords in good practical advice and magic beyond price.

    Best Wishes,

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    Postby magicofthemind » Nov 16th, '07, 11:58

    I'm still confused (I have mentioned this before) about the different editions available. Mine is hardback without the Reputation Makers section. Does the current hardback edition include this? Is it worth buying another copy for that section?


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    Postby Lester » Nov 16th, '07, 15:45

    Hi Barry,

    I've just had a look at my copy of MWCCM and if it helps I'll list the contents of the "Reputation Makers" chapter. It might help you decide as to whether you want to purchase another copy.

    The Challenge Coin Vanish
    Cowboy Rope Trick
    Magic For Campers
    Tic Tac Toe Prediction
    After Dinner Magic
    The Ring on the Rope
    Party Magic
    Random Number Selector Mystery
    Sales Magic Secrets
    Your Magic Will Open Many Doors
    Speeches and Presentations
    If Your Customers Come To Your Business
    Trade Shows and Networking
    Magic Business Card Printing
    The Magical Bottom Line
    the Last Trick in the Book
    The Chapstick Caper

    Your Future in Magic

    Hope this helps.

    Best Wishes,

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    Postby magicofthemind » Nov 16th, '07, 15:56

    Thanks, Lester

    Which edition do you have? Mine is hardback, Blitz 1988.


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    Postby Lester » Nov 16th, '07, 17:24

    Hi Barry,

    Glad to help. My paperback copy is published by Running Press 2002. If you need any more help just say.

    Best Wishes

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    Postby Al Doty » Dec 21st, '07, 02:51

    My MWCCIM (1988) does not have the chapter on reputation makers, but there is enough in this book to keep you going for a long time. Very big on effects and how to do them, but not a book for history and giving credit. I also have the Encyclopedia of Magic by Dawes and Setterington (1968). This is more historical in nature and a good read. There are a few effects in here and I think everyone will enjoy this book. Lastly, I have Mark Wilso's Greatest Close-up Magic Tricks (1975). Some of these effects are also found in the complete course, but not all. For the price of these books and the info in them, you can't go wrong.

    Al Doty
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