Self Tying Shoelace

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Postby Palmer Eldritch » Nov 24th, '07, 13:54

Damn, it’s so hard to post on this forum without giving too much away; I’ve had to rewrite this post about three times! (An inherent flaw with a magic forum methinks).
Anyway, a few of you mention noise, which implies a mechanized (but not necessarily motorized) component. If the trick works the way I think it does then it could definitely be done without any such component, although it would be hard to make it as slick. I'm going to have fun working out an alternative method methinks.

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Re: Self Tying Shoelace

Postby seymourmagic » Dec 12th, '12, 11:18

update five years later, I had put STS aside for a long while, I haven't performed it in years, not because of any problems with it or the reactions from it, I just get bored with things and move on to something new. I'm now doing it again mostly because they don't forget it! five years later and gobs of tricks later, I seen my father again first time in years, he has seen several of my magic effects in the past. I was surprised to hear him ask "Can you still tie your shoes without using your hands?" and went on to say "I never did figure out how you did that". After hearing what a lasting impression it left on him, I decided to start doing it again. Sometimes as a magician I forget what may become not so impressive to me, can still be very impressive to the layperson. Sometimes after knowing a secret, I forget how deceptive and clever it is.

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