Self Tying Shoelace.... my review..

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Self Tying Shoelace.... my review..

Postby Tone » Jul 18th, '06, 23:15

well i am the gimick king at the here goes.... ( i have learnt a pass, so i am trying...)

The Effect well you walk around with a un-tied shoelace... you do a little shimmi shwaaaa and hey presto, the laces apear to do themselves up.

Cost around the £10 mark from

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)
about as easy as it comes, tho those who can not chew gum and walk at the same time, may have trouble.

Review well, i was quite drunk when i bought this as i was with the sitting at the computer and the missus told me she knew how it worked and i had a diffenece of opinion, but i was quite curious as to how it worked. so bought it.

it arrived after 2 days which was amazing! so well done... i have been waiting 2 weeks from another company that is in England for something else..... so well done!

it arrived and i immediately kicked myself and though... "dammit.... i should have worked that out!!!" the DVD is very good and very thorough (sp?) all in all this is idiot proof. it is quite a varied trick that can be used as part of a routine or just as a "ah man, my shoe laces have come undone"

its easy, it works and is very simple. all the elements of a great trick!


i would give this about a 8/10 because it is simple, easy and works....very visual, but the 3second reset.... nah... no way.

i like it, i will use it... nice one :)


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Postby fspigeon » Jul 19th, '06, 16:15

Nice Review, however you can get the reset done with lots of practice.

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Postby seige » Jul 19th, '06, 16:20

The reset is almost instant. Less than 3 seconds is possible, with a little thought on the mechanism.

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Postby Tone » Jul 19th, '06, 17:59

hmm i don't think so guys....

to get it to look right and prepare it, for sure it takes more than 3 seconds.


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Postby nicholas » Feb 16th, '09, 10:19


it really takes around 3 secs to prepare..unless u are talking about animated shoe laces which is so much diff with self tying shoelaces:)

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