Jay Sankey Just Imagine

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Jay Sankey Just Imagine

Postby KardAdict » Jul 26th, '06, 14:15

Just Imagine Reviewed by KardAdict. (Iappologise in advance for my terrible spelling)

The Effect

The magician displays a pay envelope, and explaines theat there is one card inside, it is placed and is never touched by the magician until the end of the efect. A spectator then freely selects a card from a deck shown to be all different. He/She is then asked to imagine the card selected and pick a colour of "invisible marker pens, and is asked to acted as if she is drawing a common shape on her card. (Square, heart, diamond, cicle, star). Note that EVERYTHING is all a free choice. The magician, then opens the envelope and inside, is not only the card freely selected by the spectator, but it also has the shape (in the same colour) drawn on the face of the card. A very clean, Astounding mentalist efect.


Costs £9.99 from www.magictricks.co.uk. Includes nearly all the necissary equipment, instructions and DVD.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

MT UK have this down as a 2, but I rate as a 3, as you do need to use a DL.


The trick, is fairly easy to do (I have very few mantalist feats in my routine and I picked it up no trouble). Their is very little in the way of sleight of hand in this effect. The patter is of great importance, and Jay makes it look easy, but it does take a little practice. And there is one time prep required, which takes about ten minutes. Note the REAL markers that you need for the prep are NOT included. You will also need two packs of bikes, as the extra cards supplied may come in either coloured back.

At £9.99 it is at the lower end of the sankry range in terms of price, but it definatly it gets the best reactions (apparantly). I feel now though that it is a tad over priced for what you actually get. As there is NO gimmicks involved.

But I suppose the DVD makes up for that. Jay Sankey's brillant humour and clear explanations are always appreciated. He gives you two handlings, one without the DL at the end, but his prefered version is the one with. He also gives you extra suggsetions on what to use instead of coloured symbols.

So it is very clean, not pefectly clean, but you do need to practise your required patter and elegant handling.


This is the first Sankey product I have bought, and I will definetaly be buying more.

I would give it a 9.5/10. A brilliant feat of Magic!

P.S for any additional info, just ask and I will answer any questions. (wothut giving away the trick, of course)

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Postby katrielalex » Jul 26th, '06, 14:55

Nice - I've thought about this effect before but I really want to stay out of mentalism, it's just not my thing.

There's another thread on it here but don't worry, it's not a review!


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Postby finneyfollower » Jan 15th, '10, 03:29

This effect is great.
You predict color, shape, and a card!
When I performed it, the person was amazed how I knew he would pick green.

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Re: Jay Sankey Just Imagine

Postby Johnny Wizz » Mar 12th, '13, 18:28

I have seen this on the Alakazam website, certainly not at £9.99 now. The only review I found was this old thread and I wondered if anyone has this or does this?

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