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Postby Rob » Jun 14th, '07, 21:51

Looking at the demo, and without wanting to tip anything, I think it's highly-doubtful that the bottle can be given anything more than a cursory glance to specs beforehand.

Although the kicker is very nice indeed, I really can't say this is something I would spend good money on - just not my cup of tea, and I think it's gonna be pretty darn obvious for specs to reverse the course of events, and figure it out...sorry :(

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Postby MagicShop » Jun 14th, '07, 22:21

With labelled you don't pass out the bottle before you perform the trick. This tends to be normal behaviour within the context of the effect. It is designed to be a closer, where you 'suddenly' and 'off the cuff' decide to leave a spectator, agent or prospective client, a gift with your name or possible contact details on it'


RE-LABELLED is on it's way! A fistful of new ideas from BEN WILLIAMS and many others including world class magician Gregory Wilson. New ideas include penetrations with NO COVER, tips for a quicker set-up and now the bottle can be seen from all angles, even left on a table prior to the effect! ( Imagine leaving a 'Labelled' bottle on a shop shelf, then picking it up and performing....!) Re-Labelled will not include the set-up for the effect, but rather be an 'expansion' for Labelled performers.

When Ben Willians performed 'Labelled' on Gregory Wilson his immediate comment was "I LOVE IT!" and a quick brainstorm session began. Within which Gregory came up with a neat handling that is definitely of his cheeky style. The DVD is in production now, so should be released very shortly.

Dominic Reyes

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Postby Sexton Blake » Jun 14th, '07, 22:42

Lord Freddie wrote:Can the spec handle the bottle beforehand?

I'd say no. There are probably ways - with a bit of ducking and diving (and with the extra control you'd have being on stage in your own environment, as it were) - that this could be achieved, but the 'as is' answer would be, 'No.'

Essentially, this is best as an 'unexpected' effect, if I can call it that. If I were doing it on stage I'd probably do something like: the spec in the audience chooses a card from your deck - you peer at her and struggle, trying to mind-read what it was - you announce you think you have it and pick up a Sharpie, then seem to realise you have nothing to write on so ('Whatever, it doesn't matter.') pick up a bottle of coke and write your prediction on the label - you ask what her card was - then turn the bottle round to show her that's what you've written - then, almost as an afterthought (and as you're on a roll), rub the label so that now it's on the inside. Fantastically impossible, but not announced beforehand.

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Postby monkeyman » Jun 15th, '07, 12:54

Unfortunately the bottle cannot be handed out beforehand however in most situations this odes not present a problem. For instance if you perform this in a shop then it would be completely natural to simply pick a bottle up without it being examined, if you're doing it as quick, unexpected 'hit and run' magic then even if you could you probably wouldn't want to hand the bottle out beforehand as it only draws too much attention to what you're doing. However if you really want to hand it out beforehand then it's not too difficult to perform a simple switch of the bottles. You may think a bottle is too large to perform a successful switch but with the right misdirection and a large jacket/spare table/use of your lap (if you're sitting down) then it would be no big deal to con the spectator into believing the end result was the very same bottle they'd already examined and deemed OK.

Just a few points, I wouldn't say this effect is 'finnicky' at all to perform. It is as simple as just briefly rubbing the bottle. It is slightly difficult to make (only a little fiddly) but I actually really enjoyed making it! I have picked up a few points on it so feel free to PM me if you have the effect and want a few tips. One I offer to all though is don't try it with Lilt bottles. Although Ben reccommends doing it with green bottles as it looks cooler in the end there is a surefire reason not to use Lilt bottles...

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Postby MagicShop » Jun 15th, '07, 14:03

yep. I found Sprite bottles to be the most effective for this effect.

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Postby Nechto » Jul 16th, '07, 11:39

Hi Jack,

I have just sent you an email mate, cheers for your kind words.


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Postby Josh Clarke » Aug 14th, '07, 09:38

An old thread to bump, but it deserves a mention on its cleverness. I thought for weeks and didn't come up with this. Kudos Ben Williams. I work at a liquor store and plant these bottles on the shelves. If a customer tries to purchase them, I say they're expired. Throughout the day I perform this for random customers. It gets GREAT reactions. Congratulations Ben Williams for creating a "magician fooler". I think most knew what had to be done, but how it's done is quite amazing.

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Postby Nechto » Aug 15th, '07, 10:51

Thanks Josh for your kind words,

I am currently putting together my finishing touches for my Re-Labelled add on DVD with new handlings that allow you to perform the penetration with no cover at all, it will also have some productions and flourishes you can learn to enhance your performance of Labelled. I am very much looking forward to its release!

Once again thanks Josh, I am very glad you enjoy performing Labelled,


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Postby seige » Aug 16th, '07, 13:06

I have to say, the method of preparation is pretty spiffy. However, it's not always necessary to do it 'sealed'. The JR version works pretty well in most cases. And is obviously FAR EASIER to sort out.

One of the nice things about this effect is the way it can also be used as a prediction...

Why not consider doing something like a 'chosen card inside the bottle', etc.

Drawing duplication inside?

There's loads of scope for this, and for a way to make this work with a card-to-bottle, look at this post of mine from 2003:
You could easily adapt Ben's method of sealing a card inside a bottle to work with this effect.

Nice work, Ben!

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Postby Nechto » Aug 16th, '07, 17:27

Hey Seige,

Thanks for the idea, just checked out your last post! I like the presentation idea more than anything, as long as you know what your mate is drinking!!

You have made me think about the idea of a prediction being written on the label, I have offered this as an idea to others but don't do it myself as I have had trouble in why you would write on a bottle as a prediction, also the prediction would be the effect so you would have to have a good reason for doing Labelled afterwards as you need the focus to be there with the bottle and many people would be reacting from the prediction.

Although thinking about it, the reason for putting the label inside the bottle could be to frame the moment forever, so no one can alter the prediction. Also with Re-Labelled the bottle could be on the table from the start and just be an 'impromptu' surface for you to write the prediction on. Mmmmm I have parts of routines buzzing around my head and I am hoping they will all fit together to make a whole routine that makes sense.

I need to go and think!!

Thanks Seige!


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A quick summary

Postby ADTritton » Apr 9th, '09, 12:49

Having recently bought this effect I thought I would add my comments.

I have both Labelled and Re-Labelled and in tandem they really do give you a killer effect.

The prep can be fiddly but you will quickly get the hang of it. As mentioned before the prep of the gimmick will lend itself to many other effects and is a valuable tool to have. I use it for a completely different effect but the difference this makes is immense.

In addition Ben is always happy to answer any questions you have and offer advice on ideas you have related to it.

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Postby Jordan C » Sep 11th, '10, 13:05

Is this still seen as worthwhile? A recent MS email had this as it's main content having fooled Dappy of N-Dubz (though Dappy isn't exactly as sharp as a sharpie).

I've always been tempted by effects like this but at £20 for just labelled dvd is it really worth it? If it was £20 for Labelled and relabelled I might reconsider the value.

It would be nice though if when I was queuing for big gigs at places like Earls Court etc where I always arrive early to get to the front and always make friends in the queue, if I could walk up to some fit hotty and say hey... would you like my phone number? I'll write it on this bottle for you blah blah blah

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Postby Vanderbelt » Sep 11th, '10, 15:54

Jordan, I'm in the pub at the moment so can't be 100% which email I got the offer on but I'm sure t's the one you mention. Have a read as I'm sure they're offering Re-Labelled free when you buy Labelled, pretty much answering your prayers. If it's not the same, PM me and I'll forward you the email tomorrow when I get in from the pub ;)

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Postby Relish » Sep 20th, '10, 13:06

i succembed to this offer and im happy that i made the purchase. Having re-read this thread today - everything here is correct. Re-labelled taken the original 7/8 out of 10 to a 9/10.

Im sitting at my desk in work with all the necessary bits and pieces to prepare this, and have just received a txt from my girlfriend who has decided to pay a surprise visit tonight :cry:

im sure it can wait until tomorrow to make though.

ps worked out at £22.97 for both and a 'goodybag' (not sure if the goodybag offer is still on though).

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