The Hidden - by Andy Nyman

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Postby Replicant » Jul 26th, '08, 19:27

:wink: Kate the Mentalist: you may (or may not) be interested to know that Andy Nyman has a DVD called Get Nyman; The Hidden is one of the effects explained and you can easily make it up yourself with the minimum of effort and expenditure. (If I can do it...) You also get a a number of other mentalism routines for your money; personally, I think it's excellent and well worth the £35-odd I paid for it. Someone (seige, I think) has reviewed Get Nyman, so look it up if you like.

dat8962 wrote:It is a simple yet cuning method but it's the end result that counts and this is very strong indeed. What this will allow you to do is to focus on the presentation and you'll fool an idiot spec and a serious thinker alike...

I would be inclined to agree with dat on this. An accomplished card worker like yourself will have no problems whatsoever with the handling.

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Postby Relish » Jul 27th, '08, 13:28

this was one of the first tricks i bought and still my favourite.

my presentation is slightly different to the one given as i thought it sounded odd to ask a spectator for their coin, watch and wallet.

i explain with the demo that i can 'dead cut' and say that by touching some of my things the spec should be able to too. I then ask them to touch the things with one hand and cut with the other (depending on whether they are left or right handed)

i explain that as the items get larger - coin watch wallet - the number of cards to be cut get larger too.

to finish i say that i was misleading them and that there is a direct link between their left/right hand (which ever was touching the items) and the subconsciouss mind (bit of artistic licence!). Then they perform the reveal themselves and are shocked!

One girl said 'how did you do that' to which i replied 'do what, You cut the cards, you tell me!'

sorry for going on a bit but i thought i'd see what people think of my routine.

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Postby JD » May 14th, '10, 10:36

I've had this trick a while but never performed it due to all my cards and gaffs I use bein red but when I recieved this trick the cards were blue!

I didn't just want to pull out a blue deck that hadn't been used before just for one trick. In my eyes looks suspicious!

Don't suppose anyone has a red set they want to swap for a blue backed set?

I know I could make my own but then the quality won't be there.

Failing that has anyone got any ideas on how I could bring out a blue deck at the end of a routine without arising suspicion?

Cheers! :D

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Postby russpie » May 14th, '10, 10:59

I'd just make your own. I did when I saw it on Get Nyman. I wouldn't worry about the printing of the words. Infact you could see it as a bonus as it would look less gimmicky & you could add your own touches.

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Postby JD » May 14th, '10, 17:30

Good point. Cheers!

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Postby dat8962 » May 14th, '10, 18:08

This is one of my favourite routines at the moment although I've had it for a while and not really done that much with it.

All you really need is the routine - ditch the printed cards.

I perform this using a regular deck with a S***t card from the same pack and I use three aces with the force items hand written on the three cards.

You can then use the deck for other card work afterwards too.

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Postby Lownatic » May 17th, '10, 12:24

If you repeat the last "move" in the routine you can of course get the spec to cut to the FOUR aces.

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