45 - Jay Sankey

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45 - Jay Sankey

Postby bswright » May 21st, '03, 19:42

Let me just say that if you are even considering buying this DVD go ahead and place your order now. This is a great instructional video that includes 45 different sleights/effects that are awesome. I thought that I'd seen most of the sleights out there and several of these fooled me even after watching the explanation. Oh yeah, the explanations are all given in extreme close-up slo-mo and there are no, and I mean no, dialogues in the whole video.

This truly is a great collection of sleights/effects. Most of them are card, then coin, false passes with small objects (rock), a rubber band trick, a pencil trick, and a cig trick. The explanations, although lacking words, don't fall short in any way. I think it makes it easier most of the time since sometimes the way some magician's describe a method end up all meaning the same thing that you end up performing anyway.

Most of these sleights can be found on other videos but the presentation makes this video entertaining as well as instructional. Plus these are methods that you'll actually use in the real world. Truly a great video for magicians from beginners to experienced. Enjoy!!!

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Postby seige » May 22nd, '03, 23:54

The 45 DVD/Video is awesome. It should be stressed here that this is not really a 'learn some tricks' video, more of a 'sleights you already know, and how to use them effectively'.

Sankey's close-up handling of the classic pass, coins; retention vanish, tenkai pinch, shuttle pass, even a classic bill change routine using a TT.

45 makes a great accompaniment to your existing material, but is not really designed as anything more than a reference book, methinks.

Unfortunately, Sankey is not everyone's cup of tea, and if this was the first Sankey video you bought, it may put you off the guy.
He's truly one of our modern day geniuses, and I personally own just about everything he's produced.

If you're into cards, coins and weird Canadian humor, Sankey's your man.
But be warned, this DVD is not for the amateur. It's a collection of sleights and applications put on tape by a master of his art, and unless you've got a creative approach to magic, you may find this a waste of time.

These are 'textbook' examples of how to perform the sleights you've read in Bobo & Hugard/Braue - and the presentation is, as always with Sankey's stuff, clean and simple.

Highly recommended.

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Postby maximus » May 27th, '03, 18:48

Im on my way to the magic shop to buy it. sounds briliant

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Postby seige » May 27th, '03, 19:14

`Blimey... a positive comment from Maximus!!! :wink:

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