Frenzy by Stephen Tucker

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Frenzy by Stephen Tucker

Postby Johnny Bravo » Sep 29th, '06, 13:46

The Effect
Performer shows a small leather card holder with a pocket on each side. One of the pockets contains a red back playing card. The spectator is then given a blue back deck of cards to examine. The performer then spreads the blue back deck face down onto the table and asks the spectator to touch any card.

This card is then placed face down inside the other pocket of the card holder. Both sides of the card holder are now shown freely one side with a red back card showing and the other with a blue back card. The red back card is now removed and placed face up onto the table followed by the blue back card but placed face down by its side. Finally the blue back card is turned over and is seen to match the red back card.

I paid £9.99 on ebay for a new one.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

I bought this because 1, I loved the blurb & yes the trick does play out as the blurb describes & 2 because I recently bought a wowallet by Stephen Tucker which I very much like.

Upon recieving this & reading through the very brief instructions my enthusiasm turned to disappointment. The wallet isn't gimmicked, it has two pockets which aren't deep & the cards stick out. The problem with this is that once the effect is done you have to very much watch your angles with the wallet & it cannot be examined.

Doing a trick like this one would very much expect to be able to show an empty wallet & with this you can't even turn it over & show it all around.

Disappointed. I now have a wallet (admittedly a smart looking wallet, but not useable in the sleightest as an everyday wallet) that I can use to keep a couple of packet tricks in or I suppose I could use it as a two way out with a written prediction.

Not recommended

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Johnny Bravo
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Postby Its magic » Sep 29th, '06, 20:12

I to have this and thought exactly the same.

I have found though that they don't expect you to shown the wallet round because they have already seen both sides.

Well they do the way I do it because I show the card as a prediction in one side and the other side empty waiting for thier chosen card.

Hopefully that makes sense?

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Its magic
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good review

Postby Trickyfied » Jun 24th, '07, 20:17

Thanks for an honest review, I was about to buy this BUT I have changed my mind :wink: I had my doubt's about it and you confirmed them.

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Postby Montz » Mar 18th, '08, 01:07

To be fair, I think this is one of those tricks that you have to see demmed... Steve Tucker does it well, and it plays good. I certainly sold enough of them when I used to work at Kaymar Magic, but I only started demming it once Steve had given me some pointers.

Dig it out, and give it another chance!


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