Jerry O Connell JOL plus WALLET ( small)

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Jerry O Connell JOL plus WALLET ( small)

Postby giulio1971 » Oct 12th, '06, 16:18

The Effect

the classic card in wallet whith his infinite variations


100 $ to

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

4-5 at least


These are my first impressions. For all the caracteristics see the web. I receiveid it one week ago and i used it 3 times in public.
This wallet is F a n t a s t i c .
It is not so big like many magician wallets, but it works well anyway. It seems absolutely like a normal wallet.
The leather is very good. The dvd with instructions and templates for envelopes is a good bonus. There is no explaination on palmin or routines, in order to use this wallet you nedd a bit of experience as a magician.

The system to insert card is good . thera are no inserting sheet but the insertion is almost easy. I have another wallet more easy to use but it is most bigger and ugly. The card is found or in a sealed envelope , or in a ID case, very beautiful and absolutely impromptu. You have also many other fonctions ( prediction window, peek system, nopalm inserction, mullica style..). but i dont like these ones. In particular the nopalm insertion can be used in some cases but in my opinion the wallet was better whitout it). in any case this wallet is not cheap, but it worth his cost.

Sorry for my poor english *___*



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Postby bananafish » Oct 18th, '06, 18:52

It sounds good, and I know from experience how well made Jerry's wallets are. Thanks for the review.

Jerry will be coming to the IMS Convention on Sunday, so I just may ask him about this one.

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Postby monks » Jul 23rd, '08, 17:57

The Effect

JOL Small Plus Wallet


Around £60+ new. Mine was brought second hand. Top Secret Magic seems to be the cheapest to buy new

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

1- 5 (depending on how you go about using it!)


So, I know there's a review here already but I've been trying to add a review for months and everyone seems to have reviewed and discussed everything I own to its my first review - apologies in advance for any faux pas

The Blurb...

The New Plus Large Wallet - Card to Wallet and so much more

The Last Wallet you will ever need to buy. This wallet is way ahead of any wallet in the magic world today. Not only is it a practical wallet, equipped to cater for all your everyday needs. It will also perform all the following effects too “Card to Wallet” “Card to Sealed Envelope” “Card to ID Case” and even more effects using the “No Palm Feature” that allows a signed card to be loaded right in front of the spectator. How about a wallet that can also be used as a peek wallet to secretly view and obtain written information sealed inside a zippered compartment. How about a wallet that doubles as a holdout and can add a stock of cards to the top of a deck. All these wonderful effects are cleverly built into the design and will not hinder the wallets everyday use. Removing everything from the zip compartment makes these effects even more stunning and magical. Everything a magician needs is in this wallet which has been carefully thought out to work without needing a lot of skill.

Also comes with the the ID Case, this replaces the sealed envelope and is breeze to reload.

And of course includes not only the beautifully illustrated written instructions, but also instructional DVD

The Plus Wallet has been one of the most sought after Card to Wallets on the market, and now has been re-designed to include many ideas and improvements Jerry has always wanted to build in. It has been a long time in the making, but is at last here. The new JOL Plus wallet is also priced a a price so unbelievable, it is the wallet to end all wallets. The finest wallet ever, it is a dream to carry, a dream to use, and a pleasure to own.

The Large Plus is 170mm x 100mm closed, it has 6 credit card pockets and comes with an ID Case and a Wonder Unit.

Now comes in 3 colours... (the accessories match the wallet!)

My View

Now I know these are held in very high regard in the magic world and with really good reason. The quality of the leather is superb and probably the first thing you'll think when opening the package is "wow, that's a quality wallet". The stitching is really secure and precise and looks very durable. There are myriad compartments to put things away in (packet tricks predictions etc), space for credit cards. The long slot on the side will comfortably hold a £5 note, any larger with have to be folded (though if you suffer from CUPS as bad as me you won't ever have to worry about that..!) As a C2W it "functions" very well, is smooth and very easy to access. It's primary designed to be held in an inside jacket pocket, though I brought the smaller version as I wanted it to double as a hip wallet. It is moderately more difficult to use if you carry it in the front pockets but, when performing I generally carry it in my back pocket anyway so this works the same as in a jacket pocket. Although it can be used as a card to envelope I have to say that after being intially dubious, I love the ID case. There's a terrific 3 step reveal of case from zippered compartment (showing the leather back of the case), turning it over to reveal the clear plastic window with the back of the card, and finally pulling the card out to reveal its their card. The wallet is a tri fold meaning it opens out to reveal a middle clear plastic window which can hold a prediction or also helps with the "hold out" function.

The no palm feature is not something I have ever used regularly, though like the rest of the wallet the load here is easy and smooth. Cleverly the zip that opens to this compartment and the normal C2W compartment is the same which leaves wallet looking less cluttered buts keeps the subtlety .

The peek. I regularly use a stealth assassin so am a little spoiled in terms of peek wallets (though IMHO I have to say the quality of construction of this wallet is much higher) and the peek on this is good, obviously the assassin gives you more options and so (arguably) more varied routines.

Lastly the DVD, rather modestly the sticker on the case says low production values. Whilst this is probably true from a Hollywood point of view having watched at a lot of magic DVDs its as good as most! The quality of the stuff is brilliant. Not a massive amount of routines but a really solid grounding in the use of the wallet and this is priceless as it frees you up to be creative with your magic and really understand how the wallet helps you as a magician, rather than being the magic itself.

I only have 3 gripes about this wallet, though they're more about my needs than the wallet and partly that the wallet is a victim of its own success.

First is size, even the small plus is really big for a hip wallet, and though I am not as young as i'd like, it's not that common for a young man to carry a cheque style wallet (IMHO) when in casual gear. So if you want a hip wallet, buy the JOL hip wallet. Don't delude yourself into thinking that the small plus can be carried off as one (as I have).

Secondly this is primarily a wallet for Magic, and C2W I think is its primary function. It's brilliant at this, in fact so good that I am gutted it doesn't do everything. If you do close-up mentalism it doesn't offer things that the Stealth Assassin or Scam wallet can offer (or even Himber).

Lastly there is that flapped pocket. Now this is the main thing that stopped me before, and you could probably argue about it all day from an aesthetic point of view. However I have to say: a). you are unlikely to show it. b). there are other wallets that have it. c). People are very unlike to care about it anyway, its rude to look at another mans wallet...

All said and done the wallet doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is and I knew the size and functions long before I brought it so I've got no right to moan about anything!


It is truly a professional piece of high quality kit that does exactly what it says it does to a very high standard.

As a C2W easily 10/10. As the last wallet i'll ever need to buy 8/10 (by virtue of the different features)

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Postby dat8962 » Jul 23rd, '08, 18:20

Nice reviews and I'd agree that the level of skill necessary is dependant on what you want to do.

For someone without experience I'd recommend the large plus wallet which is designed for use by those who haven't yet mastered a p**m but for those who can and are more experienced this is still a great wallet with the ability to load in the 'normal' fashion.

It also allows you to do the card to sealed envelope which is removed from the wallet. Comes with a detailed CD ROM and is great value at around £70.

This is the wallet that I have and I always use it :lol:

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Postby TargetZero » Jul 24th, '08, 14:10

I bought the small wallet because of the size, but this didn't come with the Wonder Unit so I bought this seperately - well worth the extra money.

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Postby Farlsborough » Jan 29th, '09, 23:59

Just to add... I have the JOL large wallet (they are not overly large! I actually ordered the small and found it to be a little "cramped", the extra few centimetres of height and millimetres of width just make things a bit easier!)

Anyhoo, I'd give it a 9/10 - that's right, I'm docking one point - because as good an idea as the no-palm feature is, I don't find it easy to use, certainly not after a mullica. Those who use or have tried to use it will probably know why - you get one "shot" at it (if loading like a mullica), and if you miss, a worry about whether you're going to flash is introduced.

So, anyway, I solved that problem by making it a mullica! I used duct tape but you could use black cardboard - don't think that makes it any more incongruous than the usual leather inner wallet in a mullica ("ah yes, a wallet within a wallet, that's perfectly normal... ah wait, why is it made of cardboard?!") and sits nicely in one of two areas of the JOL wallet - between the credit card flap and the ID window or in the largest of the bill compartments.

So you've got yourself an easy palm loader and a mullica, and a card to envelope if you desire, plus the hold-out/peek capacity... excellent value I'd say! Although it does surprise me that Jerry doesn't offer a "mullica unit" as an optional extra.


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