The Triple Threat Wallet by Anthony Miller

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The Triple Threat Wallet by Anthony Miller

Postby nikyas » Oct 14th, '06, 21:47

The Triple Threat by Anthony Miller



(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

The Effect

Card to wallet effect without palming!

At first i was not very sure whether i should get this or not. I never own any gimmick wallet before so i was not sure whether this is the best wallet for me. However with all the fuss created at themagiccafe, i knew i had to get this! I'm very glad i did.

This wallet is great! The leather is beautiful, has a very modern design and very nice to hold. It defitinely looks like a real wallet. There are a couple of card slots for u to put in ur cards.It is not too big, and you can fit it in your pants like a normal wallet. The wallet came with a very detail instruction and you can master the move within minutes! However if u are not happy with the moves, you can always create your own. This is the beauty of this wallet. It is very flexible, to suit your own style.

The wallet also has a peek function for you to do any mentalism effect. You can show on all sides but still see 90% of the surface of what you are peeking(Tony's own words).

It can also do pocket writing but i never try it. I'm sure it is great!

i perform this trick for a couple of my firends and the reactions are great!

i also must praise Tony for the great customer service. He reply to my emails almost immediately, even though i ask some stupid questions. :oops: The delivery from US takes about 5 days, and i think that is great. I was very excited when the postman came! :D


This is a must have multi-functional wallet.

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Postby Farlsborough » Nov 28th, '08, 14:39

I know this review is age old, but I just wanted to add my thoughts as I have just received this wallet.

...And I think, for the first in a very long time, it's actually going to take pride of place from my Real Man's Wallet :o

It's about the same size, and is nice and slim - extremely slim without the insert, about the same thickness as RMW with. Some points:

1) It only has 4 credit card slots - 3 on the left side, 1 on the other and this one gets held in underneath the press-stud flap, so probably better for a card you don't use that often, or perhaps I.D. However, the slots can manage 2-3 cards each. But if you're one of these people with every store card/loyalty card there is, this may not be the best choice for you.

2) The flap on the right folds over both the "pocket" where the playing card ends up, and the paper money compartment, meaning your paper money is clipped in on one side of the wallet. Some might find this annoying, I actually quite like it as it feels more secure (I'm a Yorkshireman, remember?!)

3) The card load is so - easy. This is the best thing about this wallet. There are very few reviews describing the use of this wallet as a palming CTW, because it was designed with no palming in mind, but it just so happens that it loads like a dream - in much the same way I imagine Harry Robson's CTW does. No fumbling and feeling for slides, no bending the card as you try to cram it down a narrow chute - totally dreamy. Your hand hits your wallet and you're 95% done.

There is ONE consequence of this, which might worry some users but really shouldn't. I don't want to reveal the workings, but you should have some idea if I remind you that this also functions as a peek wallet...

4) The one more negative comment I have is about the insert. The way it is made (the card comes longitudinally out of a press-studded pocket) means there has to be what is in my opinion an awkward bit of handling to use this, or at least, I feel the handling in the instructions is a bit awkward and angle-y. However, scouring other forums seems to suggest that there is a better handling available on the user's private forum - unfortunately this seems to have recently crashed or something as the link I've been given just has an error message - but I wait with baited breath.

Overall, although the current exchange rate makes this - along with shipping from the US - a relatively costly wallet, I feel it's well worth it. Perfect for people who want start on the adventure that is palming but want a no-palm option to bail out to... and equally those of us who are comfortable with palming but want a bit of versatility... or a bail out option too, just incase someone is really burning those hands!

The peek would be great too I'm sure, if I used it.

I'd give it a 9/10 - reduced by one for the somewhat flawed handling of the insert that comes with the instructions.


Postby Le Petit Bateleur » Aug 28th, '09, 11:09

Hi all;

I'm looking for a wallet, never used one before, so I'm thinking of a mid-range product. This one seems nice as it would replace my current regular one.

Primarily I'm looking for a card to wallet, but it seems a nice bonus that you can peek with it, if I want to do that in the future.

My question is as follows: it retails at $75 on RFA's website, and only $40 at Penguin.

Do you know why this would be? I'd normaly purchase from the creator, but the price difference is quite large in this case. Is it basically the same product sold at volume discount at Penguin, or a lower quality product?


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Re: The Triple Threat Wallet by Anthony Miller

Postby Samba » Jan 4th, '12, 11:46

So I got the TTW a couple of days earlier along with The Wayne Dobson Classic Card to Wallet.

The Triple Threat wallet "idea" is good. However, I guess the quality of the material that make up the wallet should have been BETTER for such a price paid ! The leather is not steady and firm enough. It actually somehow grows creases on the inside. I have a regular wallet that the bank distributes as a giveaway to customers/employers. The leather is much more steady than TTW and its free.

Also, the Wayne Dobson Card to wallet quality feels and looks highly durable, plus its very steady ! I can imagine the Triple Threat wallet's time won't be long before it actually starts to weather up.

The function ? The wallet's function is good for the purpose. You can PW, peek, and use predictions/cards to wallet.

For the price, quality, and functions:
I'll have to give it 6.5/10

Wayne Dobson's will get a firm 9/10 ... The prices are nearly the same ( 12 dollars difference ), and yet the quality is very much different.

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