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Tea Kettle MAK

Postby Cliff » Jun 3rd, '03, 14:37

Tea Kettle by MAK Magic

Price: 30.99p from e-magictricks.co.uk


Difficulty:[/color] 0/5

A strikingly beautiful 1 quart metal tea pot!
The performer relates that the tea kettle was found at the foot of a rainbow, and that it holds all the colors of that rainbow. He then begins to pour out various colored drinks from the tea kettle. He continues to pour and pour --- even up to 15 or 20 various drinks. Real liquid comes from the kettle EACH TIME!!
Then the wizard then removes the cover from the kettle. Lots of colored silks and silk streamers are produced. If you wish, one silk can be produced for each color of drink previously poured.

The silks more than fill the kettle, THEY OVERFLOW IT!!

NOW the colored drinks are poured back into the kettle and shaken up. Lo and behold, CLEAR WATER IS POURED OUT. Supplied complete, less silks.

Review: This is a gem of an effect. I use it regularly in my kids shows and it wows the parents as much as it does the kids. Due to the subject of the effect it can follow on nicely from the "magic coloring book". All the colours your audience can think can come from this kettle - and yet you can produce silk after silk inc. looong streamers It also leaves you with loads of possibilities to follow on with using the silks produced (i use either the rainbow tube by Tom Yurasits - available from hocus pocus - or the crystal tube by Goshman - available from e-magictricks.co.uk)

Definitely a good buy!

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Postby seige » Jun 3rd, '03, 15:10


Could this effect be adapted to be able to pour Shorts (i.e., Vodka, Brandy, Whiskey etc.) from the kettle, as I've seen an effect which does just that - you ask the spectator's favourite tipple, and proceed to pour them a shot!

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Postby Cliff » Jun 3rd, '03, 15:39

Yes - it could be done to produce loads of different types of drinks including milk + even snow!!

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Postby the_mog » Jun 3rd, '03, 15:41

how the hell do you pour snow????? :mrgreen:

Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music. - Kristian Wilson, Nintendo, Inc, 1989.. :mrgreen:
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Postby Cliff » Jun 3rd, '03, 15:44

Will send you a PM as don't want to give too much away as i did last time :D

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Postby magicdiscoman » Jun 5th, '03, 00:37

:lol: please mail me regard complete :lol:

i saw this in a shop in blackpool but it was just for the kettle :?: .
cheers jason.


Postby Mandrake » Jun 17th, '03, 14:27

I bought the MAK Tea Kettle earlier this year with the intention of it being used as a bit of light relief and amusement in a bar on Kos for the summer season. There's an much older routine called 'Any Drink Called For' and the 'accessories' for that can be used with the Kettle. However, with a little ingenuity you can produce/source all your own stuff. I recall Paul Daniels doing this routine on his TV shows many years ago and, as with most things, I'm told that not everything was as it appeared!

For various reasons the MAK kettle stayed in the UK so will be used in a routine currently under development which I call 'Granny's Kettle.' The fact that my 'Granny' was a secret drinker will probably explain the link!

A pricey item but one of those quality items where the magic is almost secondary to the patter and presentation.

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Re: Tea Kettle MAK

Postby mikefallen » May 4th, '13, 12:25

Speaking about the magic kettel, does anyone knows about jay palmer? he performed the magic kettle in the 50s along with his wife, doreen. It was a comedy act and hios most famous effect! I know that jay palmer made modification on his kettle along the years but no one knows what or where the prop is today! I only found 2 pearsons that saw the act but not much of help from them! It seems a lost item...

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