3 shell - deluxe turtle shells by Black Fox

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3 shell - deluxe turtle shells by Black Fox

Postby IAIN » Oct 19th, '06, 13:04

From: http://www.penguinmagic.com/europe/product.php?ID=1275
Price: £19
Ease of use: Well, once you're comfy with the moves, its mainly misdirection...1-2 difficultly, people management/misdirection 2-3

Ok then, roll up, roll up...keep your eye on the pea ladies and gentlemen...

Well, its the humble, age old 3 shell game - if you've never seen it, think 3 card monte but with (originally) walnut shells and a pea or similar...

These are high quality, very easy to grip - perhaps even more so due to the design...a bumpy turtle back...you get the standard three shells, plus a special bonus one for a switch out at the end if you so wish.

Oh, and a little bag of red peas :shock: ...i have substituted these with a little something else, a very small gem...as i tell the fable of when ancient turtles die, their heart turns to stone and can be found hidden along the shorelines...

Anyway - they handle marvellously, loading and taking is a synch to be honest, and the allure of these turtle shells add a little drop of eye candy for the punters too...

On the site, there's also some rather nice scarab beetles, which in turn might be nice to use and for the final reveal you could switch in a pellet of rolled up paper with a tiny egyptian glyph on it or something...fiver more though..

You also get a red felt drawstring bag, and very basic instructions too...I'm rather enamoured of these i must admit... :D

Overall: 9/10


Postby JackWright » Oct 19th, '06, 16:12

I got these from someone else who had bought them and didn't really use them as a present.
I have to say they are very good quality and I agree with your review entirley.

I have been trying/experimenting with ways to start and finish a routine.
My opening sees me pick up the pea and put it under a shell, to reapear under another shell. The specs can find the pea and i dont need to move the shells at all.
The obvious finish is to vanish the pea(s) in whatever way is in most fitting with the routine, but I'm sure there's a far more interesting way, I'll have a think maybe. Any ideas or more comments on the product?


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Postby IAIN » Oct 19th, '06, 16:22

to be honest, theres so much you can do...there's a couple of dvds around if your stuck...i cant really say anything without tipping how its all done...

its good to learn the "carney" spiel first, then go onto your own...sal piacente (spelling) has a good dvd of it, as does pat page's one (which also has a topit section too)...

i do use a little practise mat...just your general walk-around one will do...

the only hint i can give out safely is.....shot-glass/wine glass... :wink:


Postby JackWright » Oct 19th, '06, 17:40

Yes, shot/ wine glass is a nice twist. I'm actually pretty good at the three shell game now, but i haven't read any books on it...
As for adaptations and extras, other than I have mentioned above I also use a film case for photo films canisters which I show to be empty, as with my hands which can both be inspected, and then put the lid on. I vanish a pea from shells and then it is in the film case.
Thant's about it. Anyone else's thoughts?

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3 shells

Postby ruben » Jan 14th, '08, 17:28

Dear friends,
I make my own, including the peas. All Hand made. It was passed to me by my Magic theatrical teacher the great RAY-MOND past president of IBM-SAM. They are real walnut shells with a special made interior to ensure a rapid delivery of the pea in any direction and walnut lacquered
finish they have a nice little weight to them. any interest please reply.
Sal the hitman of magic has a good dvd.

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