Bisection: Review

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Bisection: Review

Postby Ed » Nov 23rd, '06, 22:50

Hey guys, its me again, and here is another review of one of my favorite tricks, its Bisection by Andrew Mayne. So here is the review.

EFFECT: At any time during your show make half your body disappear in a fraction of a second, just as quickly as your body vanished, it returns. Perform it anytime, anywhere. Theres even a way to perform it surrounded.

BOOK: The trick comes with a 12 page book, which tells you how to make the gimmick and perform the effect, the book is very well written, and explains how to do everything, it also tells you were you can obtain the material's to make the gimmick. I give the book a 10/10.

GIMMICK: The gimmick is very ingenous, I never thought of it. It takes a while to make it and it can be kind of hard. It was easy for me to make it, it took me around 45 min. to make the gimmick. It took me maybe 20 min. at the most to buy the material becasue the stores that sold the materials were right around my house. The gimmick will last very long, unless you do a crapy job at making it then it could possibly fall apart, but I've had this trick for over a year now and its still good as new. So the only hard part is making the gimmick it will take some time to make it. Dont worry though the book will tell you how to make the gimmick. I give the gimmick a 10/10.

SETUP: There is a setup involved which is making the gimmick other than that there really isnt a set up. It is possible to do the trick and then do it right away again, but I dont suggest that. When I practiced the trick, I did it over and over and over again, so the only real setup is when you make the gimmick. Thats a really good thing that there isnt alot of setup involvd when doing this routine. I give the setup a 10/10.

METHOD: The method of this trick is very clever, when I saw the trick I was fooled and when I bought the book I laughed at how easy the trick is. This trick is killer, the specators are completly shocked when half your body dissaperas. They are speechless they dont know what to say or how to react. I love it! When I first bought the effect I laughed at the method and thought there is no way that this will work. But when I built the gimmick and did it to my friends and family they were amazed! In the book it says that you can do it with a trench coat, but I think its a little harder to do it with a coat then with a curtain and rod. So I recommend doing it with the curtain method. I have experimented doing the trick surrounded, but there were a few people who saw the "secret" so I dont reccomend doing it sourrounded, plus it looks a little weird having a hula-hoop surrounding your body, well thats my opinion you might think differently. Anyways like I said the method is very clever and its a great method and a trick. I give the method a 10/10.

Here are some pros and cons for the effect:

very easy to perform
can do it surrounded
no sleights
very visual trick
it gets amazing results
gimmick will last a long time
veyr cheap to make the gimmick (under 10 dollars)

the gimmick takes a while to build
I didnt think of this myself

OVERALL: Overall this is an amazing trick and you will get amazing results, it will take a while to make the gimmick like I said before. But it is worth it, and plus its very cheap to make the gimmick! The method is very clever, and its easy to perform, I reccomend everybody to get this trick, its not an expensive trick at all. So go and get it if you havent got it yet.


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Postby merlino750 » Nov 24th, '06, 14:50

may i see a video preview? :D

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Postby russellmagic » Nov 24th, '06, 20:52

have seen some magicians perform this and it does look very impressive and will def get this at some point, and also very sure that there is already a thread on this on the forum. 8)

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Postby scoobyglasgow » Dec 17th, '06, 22:58

i also think that this is an ingenious illusion

the gimmick is clever, and will not cost you alot in money or time to make

i give it - 10/10 for effect and 10/10 for value for money (i think i got it for around £6.50... and for that little price you get am amazing secret)

just my little review there lol

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Postby nategician » Dec 21st, '06, 03:11

i just searched it on youtube and here is the result:

[edited by mods]

im curious about this effect. looks cool but im more of a street magician than a stage magician. I cant see myself carrying a curtain and rod around with me. I think i might just make the Head off shoulders gimmik instead.

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Postby Yorkshire Pudding » Dec 21st, '06, 10:26

Wow.... that video is pure exposure! He couldn't have made it much more obvious what he was doing if he tried!

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Postby Yorkshire Pudding » Dec 21st, '06, 10:44

Just a question, Ed, but why do you award 10/10 to virtually everything you review? As far as I can see you have reviewed 10 items and given 8 of them top marks!

Shouldn't 10/10 be saved for the very best of the very best?

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Postby pcwells » Dec 21st, '06, 11:38

I have to admit that the video was very badly done. Rather than being amazed by the effect, I'm amazed that he thought his handling of it was good enough to show the world! I've no doubt that Bisection is great when done correctly, but that was just poor.

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Postby Bumacus » Dec 21st, '06, 11:43

[edited by mods]
athou it is good, 10/10 is on the high side. Having looked at the video performed badly and from your review maybe dropping it below a 7 would suite!!

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Postby coba17 » Jul 9th, '07, 01:33

I got his video where he teaches how to do it, is very well done and the gimmick has some modifications that make the gimmick far much better


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Postby Lord Freddie » Jul 22nd, '07, 13:24

I have thought about this effect and it's so impractical that it's not worth the expense to make it or the time and effort. It looks great on video, but then so did E.T.'s spaceship.

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