Humming Card

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Humming Card

Postby Pendulum » Nov 25th, '06, 18:21

In this trick you make it appear that you are levitating a card and spinning it around and whatnot. Whatever you fancy.

This trick costs around 10-15 dollars and is well worth it. They give you all the supplies you need.

I would say the difficulty of this trick is about a two or three. It all depends on how you want to go about setting it up(i.e. if you want to put card tricks into it or even make a card trick out of it.

All in all i would say this is a good trick and that it is well worth the money. I love the aww the audience gets if you do it right and play it off well. Also with a few simple slights you can get the spectator to hold the card and whatnot and they will never know.

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Postby k88 » Nov 25th, '06, 21:00

Dominick wrote:Why not use the helpful guidelines that are provided to make a more in depth review?

Here they are...You covered most, but I think these would make it a little more organized and more followable.

The Effect


(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)




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Postby David R. » Nov 25th, '06, 22:18

Hope I'm not Hijacking the thread by doing this but...

Hummer (Hummingbird) Card. ... RY%20ID%7D

The effect (what they say):

"Hummer Card spins and flies through the air like it has little wings.. great for riveting the attention of any crowd."

You take a card and toss it into the air... it takes on a life of it's own and begins to fly, spinning and moving from hand to hand and around your body. The card finally comes to rest as it rises into your outstreched hand.

By Brad Christian..

This is one of the best tricks you'll find for getting attention on the street. If you start doing this people are going to stop and look, it's impossible not to. The trick is simply outrageous and can be mastered fairly easily with practice. For just $9.88, what do you have to lose? Comes with everything needed to perform. (I performed this in a television commercial just recently... see a demo in the TV commercial movie link above).

Highly recommended!

What I say:

This is a very good effect and I will highly recommend it to everyone. When I bought it off of Penguin a year or so ago the supplies that came with it where c*** (not the best) and I had to buy my own materials which where about the cost of the trick (well worth it). I do not know if Ellusionist sells it with the bad materials, but since I knew Penguin did, I went with the Ellusionist link because that at least has a chance of coming with good materials. I however highly dought you don't already have this around in your magic drawer.

Skill level:
2.5-3.5 This is very easy with practice for stage shows and with enough practice and handling of can even do this in the street however I would not really recommend it.

This is definately worth it even if not used much because the same principal is used with most levitation effects.

Materials: When I bought from Penguin a long while back -10 out of 10 but hopefully E has some good materials so whoever has boughten this from them please reply.
Meathod: Simple and with enough practice this can be sold very well to the spectator.
Worth it?: Yes, for the price this is definately worth it, even if you have to buy the materials seperate (however most of the magicians on here would already have them).

Hope this helps and sorry if this was a "thread hijack".


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David R.
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Postby Pendulum » Nov 26th, '06, 05:24

no its cool man. I know that my review was lacking its the first one i wrote. So thanks for adding that.

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Postby MarcLavelle » Dec 13th, '06, 01:33

I always carry a few 'Helicopter' cards (as some, me included, call them) in my wallet, they are VERY easy to set up, but its alot cheapeer to buy the props seperately, I foolishly brought a pack from a magic shop in Florida, only after opening in, i realised how cheap the gimmick is to set up... i just wont tell HOW much i paid for it!!! :oops:

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Humming card, Helicopter card, UFO card

Postby artinct » Jan 2nd, '07, 15:55

The effect: Humming card, Helicopter card, UFO, all the same effect. You can make a card spin and levitate.
Cost: that's up to you. I bought my first UFO in Las Vegas a few years ago and went on from there. Once you've learned the secret the supplies can be bought really cheap.
Difficulty: 2-3.5 the more you practice the easier it gets
Review: I think this is a great effect where the only limit on tricks is your imagination. It carries easy. Sets up within seconds and will last a lifetime.(it's the knowledge, not the props)
Overall: This effect gets good reviews from the crowd, can be used as a stand alone routine or incorporated into any magic show. It can be used impromptu on the street or in a party crowd. The only con side is you have to be careful of lighting. The effect can and will show up if you aren't careful, but usually it's not a problem. Sunlight can reflect as can flourescent lighting. Incandescent light is the best and stage lighting can be adjusted to prevent any flash.
This is a great effect for the beginner to the professional.

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Postby Mandrake » Jan 2nd, '07, 16:01

Thanks for your input - any chance you can visit the Introductions Area and tell us more about yourself?

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Postby taneous » Jan 2nd, '07, 16:06

Here in SA there's this company called Theatrix which sell a whole lot of effects that they've renamed and called their own - the usual - Svengali deck, Professor's nightmare and a few others. They're also selling this effect for R25 (around 2 Quid), or if you buy two tricks they give it to you for free. It's not uncommon to walk around a shopping mall or amusement park seeing some kid trying to seperate the gimmick - thinking they've been ripped off :?

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Postby Rhidz » Jan 7th, '07, 22:04


I know how the whirling, hummer ufo etc. card trick works, but the ellusionist one says "comes in all types, "e.g black tiger, ghost. Considered how the trick works, why would you need a special version of card depending on what deck you want to use it for!? I know what your reading doesn't make much sense but my reason for this is if i put in to context how the trick works, i might go to the sinbin or something!

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