Colour Fusion

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Postby bronz » Jan 22nd, '07, 07:36

The effect itself is well worth it, although I have to say I haven't performed it for a while out of pure laziness as I can't be arsed to make the cards. As Dat said though it's worth knuckling down and making a large batch, once you're flowing smoothly it's much easier.

The responses to this are immense too, my routine has a bit of a 'story' style to it but nothing too heavy just an explanation to give a little extra impact. It also appears very fair because the spec gets to handle the card first and there's no apparent moves. If anyone's interested pm me and I'll share.

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Re: Colour Fusion

Postby moonbeam » Dec 28th, '14, 10:14

Just to resurrect an old thread - just got back from Tenerife last night. Of course I took my trusty pack of cards and I have a compartment containing extra gimmick cards, etc.
I love this trick - I do the easy performance and I don't bother making the gimmicks, I have pre-made ones.
I have 3 different value cards, so table hopping isn't really an issue.
There's a few people that I met on holiday, that have a few sore heads trying to work this one out.
The method may seem obvious, but if you perform this correctly then the spec is left clueless.
This is how I do it:
Get the spec to select a card.
Now the important part - get the spec to check the card, front and back, make sure it's a single card, not 2 stuck together. I do all this nonchalantly and casually ask them f they're 100% happy that they've chosen a card and it's a normal card, as some magicians sometimes cheat by using special cards .... something that you'd NEVER do !!
Anyway, do the necessary moves to bring the fusion card into play.
Get spec to sign it .... etc
...... leave the spec tearing their hair out as they look at the card.
I also go over what's just happened. I'll usually say something like:
"Now let's just go over what's just happened. You picked a card at random, right?? You examined it front and back and completely checked it, right?? Then you signed it, right?? I tore the card into 2 parts and the part in your hand just changed colour and the other part didn't change colour .... AND the signature matches up, so you can confirm that this is your original card that you chose, examined and then signed, right??"

Priceless :)

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