Electric Touch Accessories

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Electric Touch Accessories

Postby leviticus » Jan 15th, '07, 09:59

Please note if you do not own ET this review will not make sense to you

Electric Touch Accessories by Yigal Mesika and Zeev Fleischman
cost £16:99


What you get :- Exactly what it says on the box, magnet and housing

This kit it a replacement housing consisting of
1 x Screw
1 x Magnet
1 x Housing strip

Its identical to the kit you get with ET and alows you to gimmick another pair of shoes with the permanant set up.
It contains no extra routines or tips.

Value for money ? If you have no metal working skills at all and want to use ET in your Sunday best shoes and in your trainers down the pub its a must.
Personally I'm not too impressed and will be doing something like "Tom's"
super shoe ( see other ET threads )
Hope this helps the guys that have asked about this in other threads


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Postby russpie » Sep 13th, '10, 16:48

Hi, I don't suppose anyone has an idea on how to replace the magnet? EG what kind of strength I need to be able to activate it without having too much strength to break the unit.

I have moved 3 times since last using it & seem to have misplaced the magnet.

EDIT; Having just researched I reckon Maplins might sell replacemetns magnets for reed switches. Just need to find the one which is the right strength.

Any help is appreciated, cheers,

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Postby Jordan C » Sep 13th, '10, 22:25

TOMO is the resident gizmo wizard, maybe drop him a PM about his thoughts?

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