Disappearing Card Case

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Disappearing Card Case

Postby vats » Jul 31st, '03, 11:11

Effect :
A pack of Bicycle Brand cards is opened and the top card is removed and turned over to prove it is a real deck. The deck is then placed in a small black card case. The card case is then turned over and the deck has completely vanished!

Description :
A great trick that will baffle everyone and is extremely easy to perform.

Difficulty level : 1
1 (Easy/Self-Working) - 5 (Advanced)

video demo - http://www.magictricks.co.uk/videos/cardcase.rm

£4.99 from magictricks.co.uk (where I lifted this review from)

having just read the Mandrakes first lesson in card tricks (under the 'back to basics' forum request message) and the comments that followed it got me thinking about one of the first tricks I brought as part of a magic 'set'...

This is definitely worth £5 of anyones money, although the 'black card case' is only made of cardboard and so will show signs of wear. I find everyone loves a good 'vanish' and this does the trick!.....

I had a little routine going where using a 'svengali deck' would get a spectator to choose a card (put the deck back in the box and in my pocket), I would then get them to open the box which comes with 'marvins secret magic box' - empty, I would then open to reveal their chosen card, then pull out the deck from my pocket, put the card in the deck and vanish using the 'black card case'...... simple but very effective..


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Postby bananafish » Jul 31st, '03, 11:33

I have to agree this is an absoluetly great little trick and very good value for money. I didn't like it much at first as I thought it a bit cheap looking, but in fact for the reactions alone it is really a little gem.

I haven't actually seen the video clip (as I can't view rm files from work), but the way I do it is to show the card, put it back in the card case, put the card case in the black box and cover up the box with a hankerchief/cloth.

I then ask if they would be impressed if I made the card that they saw disappear from the deck.

I then tell them to remove the cloth, and to see if the card is still there. When they see that in fact not just the card, but the whole deck has disappeared :lol: - well it gets quite a reaction.

and so cheap.

Yankeetom - this is one you will like a lot, a really easy, and really 100% selfworking card trick with a twist. Mind you, it doesn't have any brass in it :cry: (hhhmmmm, now there's an idea :idea: )

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Postby kenotorus » Aug 5th, '03, 21:06

Wonderful effect, but indeed, my card case is already showing signs of wear, but that's easy to fix, and no waste of money to buy a second one as it is a wondefull effect!

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prevention of wear

Postby Ace of Wands » Aug 5th, '03, 21:20

Would a covering of sticky backed plastic help (clear) or perhaps dissect your gimmicked case and remake from plasticard?
Yours Cluelessly

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Postby kenotorus » Aug 6th, '03, 13:29

Yes, that helps, That's exactly what I did. And yes, If your handy, it must be possible to remake the case. If that's what you mean.

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Postby benthompson » Aug 12th, '03, 16:17

I sometimes use this in conjuction with the ID.
Becuase they are both red bicycle decks. It is easy for me to swap them in my pocket when i rech for the black deck vanisher.
I usually do the ID first and when they demand more i say that i can proove to you that it is an ID and vanish the deck into the air.

I sometimes look frustrated and explain that I'm spending too much money on new decks. Corny joke i know, but these little things can sometimes get that vital laugh at the end of a trick to a) give the specs less time to ponder over how thats done and b) can lessen the chances of them asking how you did that and things like "can i have a look!"

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Postby ten_ben » Aug 13th, '03, 11:34

The patters for this trick is endless. My one is a 3 card monte.
what happens is that I take the card box out the card case and I take the top card out of the card box. I take the three bits and put them in a line and shuffle them about and I ask them to pick out the two of hearts which of course is the single card and they choose that and they get it right. I then put the card in the card in the card box and do it again and of course they get it right. and then I put the card box with the card in it into the card case and you ask where the card is, they of course think that they will be right but then KABLAM! the card vanishes with the card box.
Its like a sucker trick patter.

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Postby Happy Toad » Oct 17th, '03, 01:01

Recently got this trick and I've gotta say I was pretty disappointed as it looked a bit cheap and tacky so shoved it in my drawer.

Brought it out today had a bit of a practise and thought maybe it might be a goer ( is that a real word )

Anyhow I've tried it on four people so far ( adult and children ) and had a really great reaction.

So looks like my initial reaction was wrong, I'm going to have some fun with this. :lol:

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Postby support » Nov 18th, '03, 22:51

Cheap and looks it!! However, it is one of those effects that received the most astounding reactions from the audience - and thats what matters!

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Postby moonbeam » Feb 9th, '07, 14:57

support wrote:Cheap and looks it!! However, it is one of those effects that received the most astounding reactions from the audience - and thats what matters!

I just bought this a few days ago and I couldn't agree more with this statement !!

I nearly always try any new tricks out on my missus, 'cos if it deceives her, it'll prob deceive most other people :?

This totally baffled her - after about 4 times of making the deck disappear, she grabbed the card case from me and had a quick examination - and she found nothing :shock:

All I can add to this review, is that for five squidlies this is well worth it and will get a good reaction off most people :twisted:

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Postby Lord Freddie » Feb 9th, '07, 16:52

I don't have this, but many years ago I bought a trick from International Magic which is the same but a disappearing packet of cigarettes rather than cards. I am pretty certain it works on the same principle as the black "magic" box looks exactly the same.
I was so impressed after seeing it demonstrated in the shop, I bought it straight away, even though the one I bought was Silk Cut which is not the brand I smoke!
Also, with SK being a white packet, it's got a tad dirty over time but it's an impressive illusion. I may have to invest in the card version seeing as it's so cheap these days!

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Postby shaneking » Apr 24th, '07, 12:40

Does anyone know where I can get hold of a better quoality (and more expensive) version of this trick ? I have the black plastic box and mine is shwing wear and tear now. Other than that, I will just have to buy sheet plastic and make my own !

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Postby youvemetbob » Apr 24th, '07, 13:24

Is this the samething James Brown uses in the video of him winning close up magician of the year?...

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Postby Wills » Apr 24th, '07, 13:30

Yes he integrates it very well with 'card under box'. It makes a nice finish to the overall trick and is great to use rather than a stand alone trick with the gimmick.

Can anybody please help me? I'm having terrible problems controlling my streetmagic- I can't walk down a street without turning into a pub.
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