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Postby Replicant » May 16th, '08, 15:53

Thanks for that very helpful post, Mage. It looks as if there may be different versions of this effect about; I may get back to the dealer and ask which one they carry. The mystery deepens...

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Postby Michael Jay » May 18th, '08, 16:56

I can fully understand being put out by buying this product and getting something that doesn't match the picture. If you can get past that, though, this is a pretty good trick (yep, just bought it recently and I don't buy very much these days). I never saw the pic in question, I went by seeing it demo'd at the local shop.

I like it!

My handling is a bit different than anything suggested though. I won't give you the story line that I use, but I will give you a fairly strong way of working this little gizmo (keep in mind, there are two seperate cards that it allows for, one on each side):

I have two cards chosen by two different specs. I then tell them each to concentrate on their cards. By blowing on the disk, one card shows itself. I say, "Who's card was that? Yours? Okay, very good. Now, I need you to quit concentrating on yours and we'll try to get the other card..."

While I'm talking to the spec, I subtly spin the disc in my fingers, which is easy enough to do. The misdirection of talking with them during this part of the presentation is natural and nobody notices the spinning of the disc. Breathing on it again causes the other card to come into view and it appears for all the world as if you've done nothing more than blow on the disc, which changes for either of the cards.

It gets a very strong reaction when the other card appears on the disc. Good stuff! :P

Anyway, the price is being listed above as £12.99 but I got mine for $18.00 (or £9) and I feel that I've got my money's worth.

I agree with Lozey, its plastic carrying case sucks, though. Presently I'm using a chamois cloth, but I'm going to look into finding a high quality, little case to carry it in. This item has some very good bizarre presentational potential.

If you are looking for a good item to use in conjunction with a bizarre presentation, highly recommended.

If you are just looking for another trick, not recommended as there are better ways of revealing a card if that's all you're out to do.


Edit: Forgot to mention - by using two cards and two specs, you get rid of the need to worry about which side is up or which card will be revealed. This allows you to spend all of your time with presentation.

Michael Jay

Postby joelhall » Jun 14th, '08, 11:59

if anyone has the 'impromptu' version of this would they mind giving some idea as to its durability with handling, and how to clean it?

thanks in advance


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Postby magicdiscoman » Jun 14th, '08, 13:26

two tips for you.

for the impromptu verion you can use a compact for the ladies, rember to change the dust pad, and for the blokes an old screw top tobacco tin, gives you scope for "it was left to me by a psychic" thingamy.

for the ghost glass also a tin or compact, if you get one of thoughs sticky mirrors for the tin you have three outs, two cards and a word, combining both effects.

if seated at a table its possible to do the workings on the mirror wile presenting the ghost glass effect for a finale.



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