Fire Wallet

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Fire Wallet

Postby vats » Aug 4th, '03, 16:47

£27.95 from emagictricks

just thinking about another great trick for down the pub.... or even better when you come to settle for the curry after the pub....

Effect :
Time to Pay the Bill
You reach into your pocket to pull out your wallet.
Open it up and it BURSTS into Flames!
Close the wallet and Put Out the Flames.
This time you open it to reveal its FILLED with cash …. Or in my case the odd receipt or two…

Description :
does exactly what it says on the tin…… not examinable (but there again, who’s going to risk burning their hands)… on that subject does need to be handled with care these are real flames so be careful!!
This is not a cheap trick £20-£30, and there are variations around…. But if you have the front to use it, I’d recommend it….. oh yeah, can be set up in advance (a couple of hours max), but I prefer to do it within 30 mins of the performance…. A quick trip to the gents is all you need.

Difficulty level : 1
1 (Easy/Self-Working) - 5 (Advanced)

PS. Someone needs to remove the ‘review’ on emagictricks, gives all the details of how the trick works… if you want to make it yourself!!!![/url]

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Postby bananafish » Aug 4th, '03, 17:04

nice review vats.

It is also customary though to add the price, and if there is one, the link to where it can be bought (usually this would be emagictricks).


£27.95 from emagictricks ... ts_id=1476

I had a quick look at the reveiw there and to be honest I wouldn't worry about it.

I doubt there are many that could build one, and if they could then they probably could easily guess how it worked anyway. I think building one for yourself would be more trouble than it was worth - and probably (in my case) down right bloody dangerous.

just my opinion though :)

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Postby vats » Aug 5th, '03, 08:37


I wouldn't advise trying to make it either, I've lost my eyebrows once already when I was a little to drunk to really perform the trick!!!

I would normally have posted a link, but I was just concerned about the review... which is why I didn't give it the 'emagictrick' title.

Still, thanks for completing it for me.

Anyway as an aside I just thought I'd let you know I'm now fully into 'phase2' of Pinnacle.


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Postby seige » Aug 5th, '03, 09:37


Any review which praises an effect is always worth a dealer mention - it's a good advert - especially when something is reviewed with such enthusiasm like yours - people will be wanting to know where they can get their grubby mitts on one!

I have the Kaps On Fire wallet - which can be used as an everyday wallet - it's quite nicely made (although it's one of those 'long' wallets, chequebook style).

It's an effect that became a small kind of 'reputation maker', as I remember having people asking me after performing 'do that thing with the wallet again!' - even though it is meant to be an aside!!!

It certainly can steal the show, and as for trickery and routines, try the old 'scorched card' routine... (You'll probably work out how this is done, but I'll PM it to anyone who's interested - it's one of my own...)

Show a deck of cards-spread them out. Oops! There's one of your business cards in the middle of the deck. You take it out, and place it IN YOUR WALLET. This is quite an innocent move. Leave the wallet in full view.

Spectator chooses a card. Card is remembered by spectator and placed on the FACE of the deck (yes, it does not matter if you see it)...

Magician mentions that in order to make the card unique, he's going to mark it in a way that is as good as a signature... at which point he borrows a lighter from the speccy.

He turns the deck face up, so the Speccy's card is uppermost, facing the audience - 'Is that your card?' he asks... which it is.

The magi proceeds to flame the face card of the deck (the selection) until it starts to go black/brown (oh, yes, I forgot to mention, I've no respect for cards - I kill at least a deck per-week with experiments and defacement).

The magi shows the card - burned - and gives it a shake - suddenly - all of the face printing disappears, and all that is left is a scorched blank card - with your business card details on it!!! This is handed to the spectator. It is still hot!!!

The rest of the deck is put back in the pack. You make a magical gesture, your hands empty! You pick up the wallet and open it - flames shoot out.

Inside is your business card... but instead of your details on it, there's the spectators card printed there - a little scorched!!!

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Postby vats » Aug 5th, '03, 12:49


Great routine, I must say since joining this forum, I've started to think a lot more about using the magic I have, and as I become more proficient I look forward to being able to combine different aspects to take a trick beyond its original 'sold as' purpose.

I hadn't even thought of using multiple outs with the mindpower deck, and my use of the wallet has only been used to get me out of paying for a curry!!!

Still I know I have a long way to go before I reach the heights of mandrakes d'lite from a dogs ear!! :lol:


ps if you could pm me the routine I'd be grateful.

pps... lastly I know I mentioned not paying for a 'curry', but if you have enough mates, just like Paul Zenon's book this effect will pay for itself many times over!!

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Postby dazzling david » Nov 13th, '04, 14:50

I purchased one wallet second hand and I really liked it and use it regulaly. I find it is a good way of getting attention aswell. Ie when I did table magic at a party it started well when I did card from wallet

P.S. Good review :)

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Postby Pcwizme » Nov 27th, '04, 01:44

seige is that the same scortched card(or simaler) trick that was in with toms witness?? if so then the few times ive used it (i dont do many card tricks my handsdont have the control) then it is supurb as is toms witness

PCWIZME thats me!!

Need a prop? have an idea for a trick but cant work it out? Ask me via PM and ill have a look for you
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Postby dat8962 » Nov 28th, '04, 01:27

If performing in a restaurant I'd check for those smoke detectors first!

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Postby feifei » Jul 8th, '07, 15:13

HI Seige,

hiya... i am hoping to own a firewallet, so hoping for some comment here..

i heard the kaps on fire wallet acts as 2 in 1, i read someone said that it also function as a 'card to wallet' wallet, is that true?

at first i was hoping to get a normal fire wallet (not those long cheque book ones), but if the kaps on fire is good, then i might go for it..

btw, do we need to add some liquid to it or once in a while to get it on fire? if so how easy can we buy it anywhere?


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