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Postby Lord Freddie » Mar 19th, '07, 22:12

I agree with you there!
I've been lambasted by dealers for reviewing something I didn't like.
I was 100% satisfied with Keith's product though and would certainly not hesitate in purchasing more stuff from Black Hart.

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Postby elamont » Mar 27th, '07, 14:58

Part-Timer wrote:
elamont wrote:I think it's great for a company to stand behind their products. But to get defensive? Now, that's a bit too much. :?

Oh yes. Person X posts a review saying he didn't like effect Y very much and shop owner Z comes on (often, 'as if by magic') and says how person X is wrong, or must be doing it wrong, because magicians A, B and C all loved it and so on.

Sometimes, it's because X has a grudge or is doing it wrong, but on other occasions, X has a perfectly reasonable opinion and Z is just trying to avoid lost sales.

That's a nice way to complicate a matter that only takes a bit of common sense. LOL! You amuse me!
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