Trick Cyclist by Andrew Normansell

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Trick Cyclist by Andrew Normansell

Postby Its magic » Feb 12th, '07, 07:25

They say:

An incredible, easy to do, multiple selection routine with an incredible, NO PALM, signed card to pocket ending! This trick will make you look like a master sleight of hand artist!

Three cards are freely selected (no force), signed and returned to the deck. The Magician now shows a Bicycle Joker and states that it has been specially trained to do the Magic. The Joker is placed in the Magician’s back pocket and with a Magical gesture, reappears face up in the face down deck, right next to the first selection.

The Joker is then placed back in the Magician’s pocket for a second time and the deck is spread to show that there are no face-up cards. Then once again, the Joker reappears face up in the facedown deck, right next to selection number two.

The Joker is removed for a final time, but this time, fails to reappear in the deck…the Magician reaches into his pocket and brings out the Joker, only to find that the reason he did not return is because he has fallen off his bike! The Magician makes a final Magical gesture and with an empty hand, reaches into his pocket and removes the final signed selection!


Price: £9.99

Andrew Normansell:

Difficulty:1-5 : 2

Out of 10: 10

I Say:


You read the above and think, hold on have three cards freely selected signed, return them to the pack in three different places, and the joker finds them!

For £10 I thought this was worth a risk!

It does what it says and at the end everything is examinable.

I am no card expert and the required moves to pull this off are well within my abilities.

It is not self working but I would say its as simple as something like this could be.

This is a real working trick and involves three spectators to boot.

I know multiple cards can be signed and found in numerous ways, but the involvement of the joker adds to the effect.

The reset takes a couple of seconds, but most importantly you can move on to another trick with the pack as its totally clean, and reset it between tables for the next performance.

This is brilliant!!

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Its magic
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Postby lindz » Feb 12th, '07, 13:54

I got his three dvd set about a month ago and i thought they were fantastic. He gives easy explanations aswell so i might have a little look at this cheers for the review.

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Re: Trick Cyclist by Andrew Normansell

Postby Styles13 » Mar 15th, '12, 13:22

Can I just add - as a full on newbe to this addiction, sorry I mean lifestyle!

I love this trick! Even with my basic understanding and skill level I've pulled it of after watching the dvd just once and its amazing!

For a £10 price tag, a trick that ends with you finding three signed cards, One from the pocket!! and a great gag at the end ?? well worth it!

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