Bicycle masters deck

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Bicycle masters deck

Postby CumQuaT » Feb 16th, '07, 03:37

Hello, just thought I'd post my first review. I love my card tricks, because of my background (see introductions) and because of that I'm rather picky with the cards I like to use. I like them to fan nicely, glide accurately and above all, last long.

I found all of these factors using the Bicycle Masters Deck from ellusionist. I got the red ones, but they also come in blue. They are just a normal deck of cards with a couple of gaff aces in them, but they are made incredibly durable and built from the UV500 Air-Flow finish so they are an absolute pleasure to work with.

And it may just be me, but the Ace of Spades always seems to pop up in the most convenient places while using this deck.......

You can buy them direct from ellusionist at the following link:

Well, that's all. I hope you guys find this helpful. Any card-trick enthusiasts out there really will appreciate the quality and stock of these cards! Well worth it, and not a bad price, either (US$3.99). I had to order them from the states, and I live in Australia, but just using regular registered post they got to me in 8 working days, which I thought was quite reasonable.


Postby Its magic » Feb 16th, '07, 21:55

I had a pack of these off JB magic to tip my order over 20.00 for the free gift.

I have not used them much so they feel just like std cards.

Its strange that because they cost me more than normal I don't want to wear them out.

The one thing that is nice is that the box is bigger so you can fit in some "extras"!

When my normal supply runs dry I may well switch to these for the box alone.

Hopefully there will be a brick price at Blackpool.

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Its magic
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Postby GrantW » Mar 3rd, '07, 13:25

I bought a pack as a friend of mine said that they were amazing. I would agree that they are a pack of extremely high quality but I don't see much difference from the standard packs. Wicked AS design and I like the box design aswell. Some of you may wish to buy it as it has a 2 of Spades barcode revelation (well mine had that anyway). It comes with 2 extra cards of which both are aces. One is the Ghost Deck AS and the other is an AS that comes with the Bicycle Gaff Deck which instead of the lady with a torch on the spade there is a faint skull.

Hope this helps

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