Mental ESP from Labco - Review

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Mental ESP from Labco - Review

Postby Piers » Feb 16th, '07, 19:14

Mental ESP from Labco - Review
Bought mine from : via Alakazam.

Difficulty :

This is a subjective view. The potential is immense. Using mental ESP is easy.
So it’s all down to presentation.

They Say :

Have a look at this beautiful handmade wooden box made of mahogany. In the bottom of the box are the five standard ESP symbols: circle, cross, waves, square and star. The symbols are made of »intarsia«, which is Italian and means inlay. This old craft has been used to decorate furniture and furnishings for centuries - all the way back to ancient Egypt. In Mental ESP it is combined with sophisticated electronics to perform an amazing illusion. Also included are two chips, turned in walnut and with wooden inlays, wenge on the dark side and maple for the bright side.
Invite a man and a woman to help you. Give them one of the identical wooden chips each. Turn your back and ask them to decide which of them who is going to place their chip at one of the symbols in the box. After that they close the lid.

Immediately you can – still with your back turned - say:

1. If it was the man or the woman who placed their chip in the box
2. Whether the dark or the bright side of the chip is up
3. On which symbol the chip is placed
This information is sensed by the electronics in the box and transmitted to you in up to 15 meters distance. You decide if you want to get the information on the display or just feel it by the hidden vibrator.
If you (or the spectators) look at the mahogany box, you will find nothing suspicious. Only when you know how to open it, you will see something that makes you feel like 007.

I say :

Before I bought, Soren at Labco answered all my questions. That justifiably, put my mind at rest and filled me with the confidence to buy that I needed.

Mental ESP arrived superbly packaged in a very sturdy, usable silver briefcase. Everything fits perfectly, and as important, can be returned to its sponge clad place for safe storage. The main 5 symboled ESP box, has a pleasing art deco feel about it, and could be presented as old or modern. The craftsmanship is superb and the wooden inlay a thing of beauty.

As described, one of two wooden chips can be selected, and you know who placed the chip, on which ESP symbol it was placed, and whether the chip was facing up or down. It should not be difficult to work a presentation around your style for this.

The box itself is very examinable, but why would you let anyone examine it? It’s just a box …

Reliability ? This looks bullet proof. It has never let me down, and the innards look robust and well thought out. The unit has its own diagnostic software which informs you of software versions, battery strength and all manner of useful information.

In operation, all the information is provided by view or feel, and works in a very covert fashion. Lovely.

Overall :

A thing of beauty. Robust, well packaged, totally reliable, and a real brain buster.

Rating : 10/10

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Postby pcwells » Feb 16th, '07, 19:44

Interesting review.


It might have been a good idea to not disclose the nature of the gimmick.

It might, however, be a very good idea to reveal that Mental ESP costs 999€.

Just a couple of thoughts. :)


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