Kit Vandou pou les enfants - larry white

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Kit Vandou pou les enfants - larry white

Postby IAIN » Feb 22nd, '07, 09:50

Product: Voodoo Kit, but, i prefer the french name that's in the instructions...

From: ... t=0&page=1

Ease of use: no sleights, no messing about, a bit fat have to do one thing, which, as long as you have some form of a brain and eyes is easy-peasy...

What you get: Burlap cloth, cheapo looking piece of cork board with a sprayed on voodoo man...a nice early 50s looking book with "Kit Vandou" on it, and 5 drawing pin type devices...

What happens: (from the site)
Four spectators each freely choose a push pin. All of the push pins are identical in size, shape, and color.

One of the spectators is chosen as the Voodoo Queen and you cast a 'voodoo spell' on her.

With your back turned, each spectator inserts his or her pin anywhere into the image of the doll. They all have a free choice and you do not see anything. In fact, you can be out of the room.

All of the pins are removed from the voodoo doll by the spectators, then set aside.

As soon as this is done, you turn back and immediately insert your pin in the exact spot where the Voodoo Queen had inserted her pin!

There is no force. No sleights. No stooges. Nothing is hidden or switched. And, there is no reset! Comes complete with the corkboard drawing, burlap mat, pins, small box to hold the pins and full instructions and patter.

Now, voodoo in itself if much ill-reported, its used as a healing rather than a killing power. However, you might as well take advantage of that mis-information and play it up for all it's worth...but if you're not that way inclinded, hey - play it as wishing someone well, along the lines of accupuncture...

Anyway, the effect and method is very clean and simple, so simple infact, i cant even begin to mention it, as it would tip the method completely. lets just say its enormously easy to perform, yet no one will have a clue how its done - which, is obviously a fantastic thing...

This is a proper performance piece, play it light or dark, fun or serious...and if you dont like the voodoo man, then just replace it...but i like it's rustic nature...

by candlelight, hushed tones, you could say "ah...i knew, that when i looked in your eyes i saw a flash of intent...evil intent..." or "i see you in a darker light was you who pierced the *name area*"...

im sure you could use FUSE as a extra finale too...or maybe Little Smoke for some extra wierdness...

Very clean method, unusual props...and around £11 quid at the moment...
the only drawback ordering from HankLee is that the p&p is quite steep...

Overall:8/10 - something unusual, but very useable...


Nothing to pou..pou

Postby ron0 » Jul 8th, '08, 12:31

Nicely written although I shudder to think of the flak you'd draw south of the 49th Parallel for mentioning voodoo.
I especially appreciate your line.."Anyway, the effect and method is very clean and simple, so simple infact, i cant even begin to mention it, as it would tip the method completely.: "Ouch!
Healed and Sealed Two is the same. I tried on the tuxedo bird site to add a hint to a person who had bought the effect and was missing one move. The result was a a pitiful attempt which drew fire from people wondering what I was trying to say without saying it.
Funny isn't it, of how simple some of the best effects are..funny also that they have to be practiced so well.
By the way, on the island of Hispaniola in the seventies talk of voodoo in another part of the island could make my neck hair stand up at noon in the sunshine and ocean breezes.. Time when a Fowler devotee would be glad he had some help.
Again..thanks for the review. ron0 :)

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