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Postby Magic-Illusion » Dec 28th, '08, 11:19

If thet choice was had to be Odd Ball or Bodylanguage, which one will it then be? If you forget the big prize difference on the two products... Only by looking at the gimmic and method?

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Postby Sleightech » Dec 28th, '08, 11:32

Hah! Lol. I just tryed to amend the prior posts spelling. :lol: (Private joke)
Anyway, the price difference IS the choice. If you can afford it, then buy Mr Gaucis Body Language, but if not, virtually the same effect with Mr Oberons product. I would say that Body Language is the better product, but then it would be due to the amount that you are paying for it. Four times as much? I own the latter:

http://www.magicbunny.co.uk/phpBB2/view ... highlight=

and have handled Mr Oberons product, albeit briefly. To put it basically, it IS the money that makes the difference. I recommend that you buy one, OR, the other. Go for it, I don't think you'll be dissapointed with either.

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Postby JGoodall » Mar 24th, '10, 20:01

I know that this is a very old post but I am new and would really like to add a huge reccomendation for oddball. For me the method used here is significantly superior to any other methods on the market! The way it works is so simple and (with a little practice) can be spot on every time. With no electronics to fail you really can not go wrong with this as a method for guessing who has the odd coloured ball (with which the options are endless) You can do the classic who is lying, who is 'guilty' etc. :D Just can not reccomend this enough!


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Postby phillipnorthfield » May 31st, '10, 21:34

One major advantage of this over Kurotsuke is that it can be seen multiple times without being discovered, unlike other variations. This may be important in a stage tour show for example.

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