The Wiz

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The Wiz

Postby greedoniz » Mar 12th, '07, 11:22

The effect

Just when you thought your PK Ring’s uses were endless, we add ANOTHER ingredient to the already rich mix…

You’ll be amazed at the WiZ. Small, stealthy, and utterly diabolical, this new PK Ring accessory is sure to take your magic to a different and new level.

Based around a simple principle, and utilising the power of the PK Ring, the precision engineered WiZ adds a new dimension to close-up sleight of hand...

• Simple vanishes and loads

• Virtually undetectible

• Foolproof mechanics

• Who needs a TT?

Everything is explained in simple and easy to understand stages, giving you all the tools and ideas you need to come up with your own amazing applications for the WiZ!


£10.99 from world magic shop

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

This is probably a 2 - 3 as there is a sleight of sorts but is more of a knack.


Ooh Dear. I had an attack of CUPS and after hearing very good things about the PK ring I went and purchased it and thought I'd try out the Wiz while I was at it.
When the Wiz arrived I opened the packet to be confronted with a little plastic box containing the wiz and the dvd.
The wiz firstly is a robust gimmick which will last forever and for the price you pay is a bargain especially that it includes a dvd tutorial. Unfortunately though The Wiz as I see it is completely impractical as a gimmick and does the job of the cheaper and more versitile TT.
The Dvd that comes with it is covers everything you wish to know about the operation of the wiz along with ideas on what routines to do. It is a very cheaply made dvd though with a very nervous presenter although that really isnt very important.
The one usage of the Wiz that initially attracted me was the flash paper burn where from an empty palm you are able to ommit a large flame from your closed fist. I did give this a go on the weekend to much applause from the missis but she did point out the strange movement of my hand (which could be lack of practice) but more worrying the placement of the ring on my finger.
With out giving away too much the operation of the Wiz requires the Pk ring being placed higher up the finger which places it in an unnatural position.
Lastly all I can say about this gimmick is that it had 2 hours of playing around with it and has already been consigned to the dusty drawer where those dissappointed magic purchases go. I'll stick to my TT thanks! More versitile, less undetectable and cheaper


3/10 - Robust, you can do flame from fist but impractical for real world use.

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Postby seige » Mar 12th, '07, 11:33

In some ways, I'd agree with what you've said here... but, what I will say is that I've actually thrashed around with the Wiz for some time, and I must admit I love it.

I've seen a LOT of negative feedback about the Wiz, and frankly I can understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea.

But, I did personally spend a lot of time perfecting the handling, ring positions etc. and I now love the little fella.

Vanishing a lit cig, small vanishes, etc. are more than possible. And with a little practice, the hand movements become 'integral' rather than clumsy.

I won't lie and say I'd recommend this to anyone, but as far as being a good solid prop, it's also easy to load, and simple to ditch (just have something a little stronger than a PK ring attached to your belt, and you can literally wipe the Wiz off!).

In a general sense, this gadget does take some time to realise it's potential, flash cotton bursts from fist, for instance.

And when you start getting creative, you will soon realise that there's quite a lot that can be done with this that a TT can't do.

But, the bottom line is, as Mr Bobba Fett says, you won't be giving up your TT.

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Postby magicdiscoman » Mar 12th, '07, 11:56

not knowing exactly how the wiz is madeup but it seems to me that the wiz premise could be used to do the sucker colour changing silks old style with two silks and the gimick.

after tucking the first silk into the hand and pulling it out a diferent colour at the bottom you could casualy open your hand back to the audience, finger streatch type movment then reverse the colour change, swap for the wiz and vanish the silk in a flash of flame, trying to be general here. :lol:


Postby Lord Freddie » Mar 12th, '07, 14:31

After seeing some advert on websites for the Wiz, none of which explained really what it did, I was curious and thanks to your review most of what I wanted to know has been answered.
From the sounds of it, I'll stick to my trusty old t-t.

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Postby Andyb » Mar 12th, '07, 14:37

I have to agree - I bought the Wiz thinking that it could substitute the TT but in reality it cannot - Yes you can do some interesting things with it I find that my Wizard Ring is a little too large for my finger (I have a size small) and will not easily stay in place. I did find that the action became alot easier after about an hour of sitting in front of the TV practising!!

The Wiz has become a useful place for ditching/loading mini cards but anything which may protrude can also get caught!! :(

A word to the wise - never try and use the M5 and Wizard ring with the wiz in close proximity!! But the M5 is a great place to 'store' it until its required!! :wink:

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