Stealth by Peter Nardi

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Stealth by Peter Nardi

Postby magios » Mar 16th, '07, 23:06

Stealth by Peter Nardi

wallet use to peak at cards and predictions right under your spectators nose, and they will not even have a clue.

£24.95 (the quality is ok for its price, as specially as i now use as everyday wallet.

they say:
Stealth was born from the creation of the highly acclaimed Mind Spy wallet. As a peek device for everyday use, it is unsurpassed, with its small size and magnetically locking compartment, it is the ideal carry-everywhere peek device.
The wallet itself is made from the finest quality leather imported all the way from England and can hold all your credit cards, money, IDs, and even ESP cards or packet tricks, and business cards! It's secret sneek peak compartment is completely magnetic, enabling you to focus on presentation, without fooling and fumbling around with a complicated method. One look, and it's done! Your spectators will never even know the difference; the method will be over long before the effect has begun!

i say:
good efect, nice wallet, i use to hold all my gimmicked cards and as an everyday wallet, unfortunately you can not examine the wallet but if performed correctly no-one will suspect a thing. i have not yet been asked for the wallet to be inspected, i don not have any previous spy wallets to compare to but this is very easy to use. if you will use this wallet for everyday use then i would recommend this.

purchesed from: ... ts_id=4568

a little practice is required but is not to hard to perform.

there are allot of routines you can perform with this wallet. i give this 8/10 for the effect and maybe it should be a little more.

-theo ricketts

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