Will Houston Lecture

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Will Houston Lecture

Postby Ian McCarthy » Mar 21st, '07, 09:54

Good morning folks,
A couple of nights ago I had the pleasure of getting to see a lecture by Will Houston. Quite alot of the material was coin related, mostly using a couple of gimmicks that most serious coin magicians will be familiar with, the fl***er and the s***l. But there was also a section on preforming magic to music and a few card effects shown.
Among the material shown was a wonderful little version of three fly using one of the above mentioned gimmicks and a wonderful effect he calls 'coins from flame' whereby the magician, using a candle on the table summons coins to his fingertips in bursts of flame and then launches into three fly, or something similar. Other items of note were his version of shadow coins, an ace manipulation sequence (producing, manipulating and loosing and finding in the deck) and a little finger manipulation routine (Great if you loose your props).

Over all it was well worth a look. Will is a very clear teacher and will not hesitate to assist anyone trying to get the move themselves or to even come closer to someone and demonstrate again.

There is a version of the lecture on DVD available from International Magic.

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Re: Will Houston Lecture

Postby Mandrake » Oct 11th, '16, 10:14

Bumpety bump!

Will Houston has started a blog, see http://willhoustoun.tumblr.com/

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