Billusion by Jay Sankey

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Billusion by Jay Sankey

Postby Renato » Apr 13th, '07, 20:20

Billusion by Jay Sankey

Available from Alakazam Magic

Price £12.00

You ask your spectator for the loan of a £10 note (in fact it can be any note) you display a small metal disc. You explain that the disc is made from an unidentifiable material that you found while visiting what was rumoured to be a site of a UFO crash! (Or you can just say it's a metal disc) you begin to rub the disc across the £10 note; suddenly it appears to melt halfway through the note!

This is a startling and visual moment when it appears that the effect has stopped in the middle of the magic.

To finish you cause the disc to actually pop right the note and into the spectators waiting hands!

The Review
The handling is very nice. It is straight to the point, very fair and open and above all motivated. Nothing seems at all illogical or contrived and there are a few nice convincers along the way as well.

The gimmick is simple but very nicely made and with proper care should last forever. It is certainly very durable indeed.

There are a few basic sleights which most coin workers will have already mastered. If you are new to coins, as I relatively was when I picked this up, they are quite simple to master with some good solid practice.

Ideally you will be using a more 'handled' note. I don't want to say too much, but this is the best approach and, thankfully, not a difficult one to come about either.

Reset takes about a few seconds.

The illusion really is a compelling one; it's a nice take on an older idea and when performed properly it really does look for all the world as if the disc is passing right through the note.

For the price, if the effect appeals to you I suggest you pick it up. Work with it, find the right speed and such to create the maximum effect and you will have a novel effect for minimal effort (in performance).

Not essential, but given the above conditions recommended.


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Postby Michael Kras » May 10th, '07, 02:40

Thank you for your review. I have been eyeing that effect for a while (since I am a HUGE Sankey fan which you will learn to now and accept :D ) and am now going to consider purchasing it. Thank you!

Michael Kras

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