Bicycle Masters Edition Deck by Ellusionist

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Bicycle Masters Edition Deck by Ellusionist

Postby 02 07 5P4D3S » May 16th, '07, 04:00

The Effect
The ability to perform tons of magic with cards( that doesnt mean that right when you get it your pro)lol.

The cost of the Masters are 4$

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

1, it is easy to open a pack of playing cards.

First thing I would say is that these are wonderful. At first I thought this was a scam until i completed experiments. The 1st experiment. I took one card from regular bikes, and a card from the masters and mixed them around with my eyes closed. Still with my eyes closed I bent each card for a thickness test. I felt a way thicker one and I opened my eyes it was a master. They can cut cheese like Wayne Houchin says. They dont feel like ghosts. I did another test with these. They are both 10/10 cards but they felt different. The Masters literaly feels like it suctions to your hand. You could actually be on the out side of an airplane or have a hurrican and these cards wont come out of your hand. You know when your trying to do cuts with cards that are easy to do but the cards keep spilling. This doesnt happen either with the masters. The fanning and ribbon spead of these cards is great and super smooth. The ace of spades is nice and for me did not attract any suspicion at all. It also comes with a red gaff prom card that is cool. Also I noticed that a few of the cards were slightly misprinted but the rest were perfect.
The Box
The box is alot thicker that the regular boxes and is alot more smooth. on the bottom barcode reads the same as my name 02 07 5P4D3S. Which is cool.

Blue deck
The blue deck comes with an extra regular ace just in case you want to avoid suspicion as much as possible. The box also has different sides that make it look more like a regular bike deck.
The bottom barcode is now 07 07 5P4D3S. "for more ellusionist cards go to" was on the bottom of the box in the red masters next to the barcode has been moves to the top in the blue masters.

Overall these cards are great to use and now you dont feel like your hiding a svengali deck from them. Form the spectators eyes they look like the average bikes but from the senses at youre fingertips its a whole new experience.

02 07 5P4D3S
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Postby kitaristi0 » May 16th, '07, 13:14

These have been reviewed and discussed extensively in the past. Try using the search function to see if it's already been reviewed before posting a new one.

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Postby 02 07 5P4D3S » May 18th, '07, 00:22

i did search and i didn't see any. And if there is im just trying to explain a lttle bit more in depth with this so people can clearly understand what these are.

02 07 5P4D3S
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Postby 02 07 5P4D3S » May 19th, '07, 08:36

these are not as in depth as mine and most of them aren't reviews. im just trying to give some people a new fresh idea of these cards not just the " these cards feel wonderful and that new ace looks great" :?

02 07 5P4D3S
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Postby Mandrake » May 19th, '07, 13:11

robstanley1 wrote:Mods - does this Forum have the ability to merge threads?
Regrettably not - we can split, move, edit or delete, but not merge. A bit like a torn and unrestored card routine :cry: .

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