BLINK! - JB (I think)

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BLINK! - JB (I think)

Postby Shabadarniggadoo » May 16th, '07, 15:44

A card is chosen by the spectator or "victim"
you then make a failed attempt or two at pulling there card from the deck.
In the end you get fed up and after showing them the wrong card use a bit of patter rub it on your sleeve, waive your hand over it or what ever and in the blink on an eye it is transformed into there card.

this depends heavily on your presentation and patter. The "gimmick" it's self has it's flaws - cannot be inspected by spectator, a smooth switch will take care of this. it can be noisy, it can be spotted visually by spectator.
like I said, you cover these thing with presentation.

For the price it's worth it for those who enjoy card tricks but don't use many gimmicks. The great slight of hand magicians could come up with a much prettier version which has more merit.

If your not sure - get it, curiosity got the better of me.. but you need practice to make it look smooth.

I personally think making the gimmick is a better option to purchasing. You make it custom to your needs - I have created my own.

I go to hand my business card to a client or friend or aquiantance and to both our surprise it's infact a joker or an ace or what ever. I then proceed to waive my hand over it or rub it in my sleeve to effect the transformation to my business card. I put it in my pocket. I then say something to the effect of "oh, my card, that's right!" and pull it out a split second later, but infact is a clean one.. lightens mood, a good laugh etc..
PM if you want instructions to make your own.

First review, go easy on me!!


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Postby kitaristi0 » May 16th, '07, 16:37

Using the review template from will help make your reviews clearer and easier to read.

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Postby Rob » May 16th, '07, 16:50

Quite a nice review...however -

Shabadarniggadoo wrote:PM if you want instructions to make your own.

This is a very big "No-No" on this Forum, and you're likely to end up in hot water, by making comments of this kind I'm afraid - essentially, you're offering to expose the workings of an effect, so folks won't have to pay their dues to it's's quite similar to stealing :roll:

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