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Electronic Rating Pen

Postby willy_master_magician » May 21st, '07, 23:14

Difficulty:2/5, requires alittle practice, you have to be extra careful using this device.

Effect: The magician displays a regular Bic pen, stating that it is an "electronic rating pen" with a computer chip inside which rates people on a scale from one to ten. He then places a penny on the back of a spectator's hand, stating that "this is a one...the lowest you can possibly be." With just a tap of the pen, the penny then visually changes into a dime..the spectator must be a perfect ten!

Gimmick: the gimmick is well put together, and quite clever. There are a few bugs that need to be worked out. It is well crafted, and of good Quality. It should last you a while, just as long as your nice to it :). It also comes with a penny shell, ad a mini penney as to create a good shrinkng coin.

What you get: Comes with pen gimmick, one penney shell, one mini penney. Instructions book, with three routines.

Instuctions: It comes with a manual, but you really dont need it. The trick is pretty self explanitory. It also comes with 3 routines, they are o.k. but imagination is your limit.

Reactions: I have just purchased this pen quite recently, and have only showed it to a few people. The few people that have seen it love it, and for some reason cant stop laughing afterwards.

Cost: The pen cost $9.99(U.S.) I'm not sure how much that is in the U.K., sorry guys.

Pro's:Easy to perform
Great reactions

Con's:Have to be very careful
Sometimes the gimmick doesnt take

Overall: Overall I give the pen a 9.5/10. This is a great little device and I highly recommened it. If you practice, and dont go too fast this will go as a great effect. Have Fun.

This is my first review, do please comment back!

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double x pen

Postby archimage » May 28th, '07, 22:57

We use it all the time at the shop and it is easy to demo a high volume seller. Our experience is that if the gimmick is not taking, you are probably doing it too fast. Slow down and make the move more deliberate, it will be easer to work and people still will be left astonished.


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Postby Discombobulator » May 29th, '07, 10:20

Can the pen be handed out afterwards?

Anyone know a UK supplier?
UK coins ?

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Postby willy_master_magician » Jun 1st, '07, 22:59

Yes it can, you just have to be careful where you are standing. You will know what I mean if you buy it.

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