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Postby roddy » Jul 24th, '07, 13:37

Ordered it after reading your review but still waiting.

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Postby BanaZombie » Jul 25th, '07, 05:13

Just got this book from the library today. I think all Magicians of any age could use ideas from this book. If I had to recommend a book for a teen magician to get started I would recommend this one, as well the way the book is written is entertaining and creative in its approach.

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Postby Schwen » Jul 31st, '07, 11:23

Got mine last Friday and read it on a long train journey to Newcastle. Absolutely brilliant book, definitely worth the money. The tricks in it are good and most are worth trying out, or at least taking inspiration from. The real good stuff, as discussed, is the stuff this book teaches you about performing and being entertaining. It really shows the imporance of a good performance over being incredibly skilled with your hands. It includes bits on misdirection, storylines, routining and a lot more. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone, it has definitely given me a lot of good ideas. I have read various other books on performing and the like, books a lot more advanced than this one, but from this there is still a lot of stuff to be taken and used and improve your magic.

Go buy it, it's worth the fiver it'll cost you.

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Postby Adam Boyes » Jul 31st, '07, 12:22


I'm glad you enjoyed the book!! :D It really is amazing!! I'm going to point other beginners to this review because everyone should own it!

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Postby donkeylord » Aug 5th, '07, 23:59

Got this book a couple of days ago and I have to say it was a great read. Super easy to read (only takes like 2 hours to finish it) but is very informative (still being new to magic). I would highley suggest this. (buy it from amazon for basically nothing)

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Postby Sinclair » Aug 31st, '07, 12:22

Just ordered mine from Amazon based on this review. I'm glad there's a 'beginner's' book that covers presentation etc. Like the reviewer I'm a newcomer, and having just filmed myself trying a few routines, those are areas of mine that definitely could use improvement. Good value too!

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Postby Rob » Aug 31st, '07, 12:26

Sinclair - you'll LOVE this book; it's great for beginners and seasoned vets too.

I can't begin to tell you how much superb advice I've used since I got mine :D

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Postby donkeylord » Sep 1st, '07, 00:30

Yea you won't be disappointed with it (especially for the price)

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Postby MagicIan29 » Nov 14th, '07, 20:10

Can't recommend this book enough.

The second book I ever read after bananafish finally got me one! (see page 1 if confused) (and thanks Si!)
I was taught several good tricks including 'Passing Through' and a very good chapter on card magic.

A bit late I know, but still, this is a great book! :wink:

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Postby philnitro » Jul 18th, '08, 17:14

This book sounds amazing from what i've read from your posts.
I've bookmarked the site and emailed it to myself so I can order it when i get home from work.

Lets just hope it turns up on Monday morning because I'm on holiday for a week starting Tuesday. Plus i'll have something to read whilst I'm away and then when i get back start putiing what i've learnt into practise.

Many Thanks for the review and i'll let you know when i've received it (Fingers crossed Monday!)

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Postby heronjester » Jul 25th, '08, 12:38

After reading all the positive posts about this book I decided to buy it. It arrived yesterday and I thought I'd dip into it last night, but I found I couldn't stop, it's really really good. I am very impressed and very pleased with this purchase. Definitely recommended! :D

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Postby Mandrake » Jul 25th, '08, 14:08

The Ropes of Shashtri routine is excellent!

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Postby Marvell » Sep 23rd, '08, 14:01

I bought this book for under a fiver and read it right away. It should really have been in the first three books I'd read. It's brilliant. Such a wonderful and concise introduction to the foundation principals of magic.

It's an appalling title. It's got nothing to do with Young Magicians. Don't be put off.

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Postby philnitro » Sep 23rd, '08, 14:56

I completely agree.
The name of the book does make it a little off putting to purchase but the knowledge that you learn from it and even the basic's of tricks which when I have performed in front of friends and family still get the look of amazement.
This and the royal road to card magic are the best books I own and gained experiance from since taking a serious and honest move from watching and admiring magicians to actually performing magic. It's a hobby that has now turned into an obsession, I mean that in a good way!

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Postby DESmond TINY » Sep 23rd, '08, 21:00

I am not sure which to get darwin ortiz's strong magic or this one . . . at this price i may as well get both but i wasn't sure if strong magic might be going out of print because it said finally back in print so I'm all worried now. any help??

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