M5 system, My experience/review.

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M5 system, My experience/review.

Postby AceofMinds » Jul 13th, '07, 18:22

The M5 system is a great little tool, also known as The PK kit among various other names.
Yes it's a gimmick, but a good one.
Now this system is pretty fool proof, it's great for beginners in some respect and doesn't take long to master, however, as with most effects the best results will be obtained through imaginative exploration rather than just causing a coin to disappear.
It has thousands of uses once you put your mind to it, it's great to involve it in routines, mainly close up but I've incorporated it into a few mentalism routines too (spike under cups for example)
The great thing about this is it's versatility, from causing electronic devices to turn on/off by themselves, to getting bones to dance around in the palm of a spectators hand.
There is only one thing I will warn, sometimes audience members dont appreciate the effects, for instance I performed an effect where I told the story of JFK while placing a coin with the face of JFK into the spectators palm, I told the spectator JFK was shy as the coin flipped over in his hand, I then said that JFK would retire to secret rooms in the white house, at which point the coin vanished from his palm and re appeared in his pocket....What I didn't realise was the boy was actually Bengali and had family roots in voodoo, he quickly disappeared appearing extremely pale and never spoke to me again...so make sure you think ethically when using this tool. All in all a great little tool.

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