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Postby unused[nl] » Jul 16th, '07, 11:48

I am not sure if there already is a thread like this or already a forum request found place but I couldn't find it so here it is:

For EN's like me it is hard to start out in this very big world of magic. Within these forums a lot of people speak about tricks with tips etc. But very often people use difficult terms or abbreviations like: D/L or DL
For me, and I think there are many more starters it's hard to find out what these actually mean. So I had the idea of making some kind of thread with 1 starting post with all these abbreviations. Other people reply on these and a mod edits the first post and deletes the replies to keep the thread clean.

Maybe there could also be something like this with names of tricks, for example card tricks with a link to youtube or something. So people can see how a trick looks like, that way they have something to work for

It's just an idea and maybe it already exists, let me know what you think of it!

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Postby Mandrake » Jul 16th, '07, 12:00

Thanks for your post and I can understand the difficulties but the whole idea of using those abbreviations is so we won't give away the secret by actually naming the item. For instance, we use 'TT' and 'IT' a lot, if we used the full wording it would immediately tell everyone what was being used.

As for youtube vids, many members post such links to illustrate matters but more often than not the youtube videos are poor quality, often done by inexperienced performers who just give the secrets away. Other vids there set out deliberately to expose so we tend to view youtube with great suspicion! If anyone posts a link to a good performance than that's fine, we can all enjoy that!

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Postby seige » Jul 16th, '07, 12:00

I think you need to settle in a bit first and see exactly what kind of forum this is...

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