Dead Reckoning - Peter Duffie

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Dead Reckoning - Peter Duffie

Postby lozey » Jul 17th, '07, 23:30

From -
Price - £9.99
Difficulty - 2

They say (direct from website above)

A Magic Effect that KILLS!

Two spectators each choose a card from your deck. You explain that you will conduct a psychic TEST. At that, you show 4 large plastic-coated cards with letters printed on them. One side clearly spells the word TEST. For the test, you say, you will also call upon your invisible assistant from the spirit world. Of course, being from the spirit world, she must be DEAD. So said, you turn the cards over and show that the other side of the cards clearly spells the word DEAD. You place two cards on one spectator’s palm, and the the remaining two cards on the other spectator’s palm. When the cards are separated, mysterious writing is seen to have replaced the letters – the names of both selections are now written on the cards! Everything can be examined.

I say - I really like this effect, it can be as simple or as elaborate as you make it. You will need to be able to do a card f****. There is one slight needed, which most card magicians will already be able to do. If you cant already do it there is a whole A4 side of instructions with clear line drawings. There is one side A4 with the instructions for the routine.

The cards are poker size and look and feel like Bikes. They handle really well. they come in a white envelpe but I'd recomend that they go into a wallet or packet trick holder to protect them.

My rating is 8/10

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