FUSE - Spirit Fire Writing Solution

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FUSE - Spirit Fire Writing Solution

Postby lozey » Jul 18th, '07, 01:01

From - http://www.magicshop.co.uk/fuse-spirit- ... -2196.html

Cost - £17.99

Difficulty - 2 upwards, depending on the routine you use


They say

Magician asks the spectator to choose a card from a deck and to memorize the card. Magician takes a piece of tissue paper and asks that the spectator hold the paper between their hands. The spectator is told to stare at the paper and to concentrate on the image and imagine it on the paper.

Now, the magician takes a box of matches and lights one of the matches. He lets it burn for about ten seconds and blows it out. (You could also use a lit cigarette or a lit piece of incense). Immediately, he takes the blown out match and touches it to the paper and a small smoldering starts. It continues to burn in a trail like pattern on the paper and slowly the suit of the card is revealed in the tissue paper. He takes another match and repeats the above, only to display the number of the card. The paper stops burning once it has spelled out the card selected. The spectator is left with a souvenir of the card's number and suit burned through the paper.

I say

I loved the idea of this. I thought the effect would be a brown burn trail like described, however, the solution burns completely through the paper! They include a few pieces of tissue paper to get you started.

However this has its bad points. I cannot get the solution to ignite with a smoldering match head, even after practice. I've had to use an incense stick. When i tried writing names and card suits, they tend to stop burning after just a few centremetres and I've had to relight them. You need to paint in big letters because the solution spreads out and if it stops every few cms, you have to relight it a few times I've found.

The solution does leave noticable marks on the paper. Screw up the paper loosely once dry and they dissapear! ;) lol

A word of warning - The bottle is sealed inside a zipper bag with the instructions and brush. I opened the bag to get out the instructions and was immediatly choked with fumes, despite the fact that the bottle was still sealed! OPEN THIS OUTSIDE OR IN A WELL VENTILATED ROOM ONLY!

My rating 5/10 a nice idea, but doesnt seem to work as well in practice

(C, AH)
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Postby Jjtee » Jul 18th, '07, 07:20

This effect sounds just like an experiment in Chemistry that I used to teach young kids in an after school club! Sodium nitrate in solution, then paint on and leave to dry. Has this wonderful slow burning effect once ignited from one end, but the smell and smoke is quite intense! If this is somehow considered exposure, please delete or edit at will! Just seems a bit steep at £17.99.

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Postby IAIN » Jul 18th, '07, 14:32

lozey - if you trace the outline of what you want in light pencil first, then paint inside it, it works much better...sometimes you'll miss tiny bits of the shape and it wont continue...and go over it again once you've finished just in case...

and obviously, erase the outline once you've finished...

oh yeah, try it with a page of a cheap and tatty book...great for a word reveal :)


Postby Mandrake » Jul 18th, '07, 14:37

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Postby Jae » Jul 19th, '07, 01:58

I feel really queasy now - must be something you said! :)

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