James Brown's Workeroo

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James Brown's Workeroo

Postby theboss » Jul 31st, '07, 12:33

Copied from The Magic Cafe (Chris Williams)

Ok, first off, let me say WOW! I have had this for a little while no and had chance to fit it and play with it and even use it! It is simply incredible! Having owned the Direct Link by John Anders, I thought...how much different can this be...and let me tell you, if you looked at the two, you would think they do different things!!! What James has created here is quite simply one of THE BEST things on the marlet today! The design is great, and perfect for anyone! The craftsmanship is amazing, and top notch, what you get for your money is a bargain. I really doubt anyone can find a flaw with this!

When you open the box, you find your Workeroo and a little something to help fit the item. You also get a CD rom and a DVD. On the CD rom, which I recommend using first, you learn how to set up your Workeroo. On this CD rom, there are 2 word documents. The first is a 2 page document which teaches step by step how to set your Workeroo into your trousers. Plenty of clear pictures as well with EVERY step meaning anyone can follow along, however, best to leave this to your aunt Betty or someone who knows what they are doing, even though it is simple. My fingers mean a lot to me...so I'll get my girlfriend to do it. The other document talks about fitting it in Jeans. Obviously there are two main performance clothes used...Jeans for street performers or people who like performing to friends and family...and even workers and pros wear jeans casually at times to perform. Or, there are the more formal suit trousers. Here you are taught how to do both styles, and you could adapt either to ANY pair of trousers, so great that James included that, you can see how well thought out this is.

Then we come to the DVD. The DVD is not shot in an L & L studio, and not to an L & L audience like we all wish we could take with us everywhere, but in what I would say is some sort of...cafe at a guess...but a very nice looking and classy Café.
First is the introduction where James obviously explains a little about the Workeroo. After that comes the Basic handling. Here James goes through ALL the different little things you can do with this, with a quick demonstration, followed by a quick teach. The Workeroo really is pretty much self explanitory, but James makes sure you still know what to do, and how to do it. The applications are endless! Productions, vanishes, peeks, changes, holdout etc, the list goes on!!!

Now for some routines. The first is a quick coin routine. James performs to a girl a quick coin routine where the coin vanishes and appears in different places a couple times, and then completey vanishes. This is a perfect opener or street starter, and is really cool. Especially as he performs and teaches his coin thru hand. Anyone who does a one coin routine, or any coin routine in the hands, would like this, just to add in to their act, its killer! And fools EVERYONE! After the performance you see the legend that is Gary Jones come on as James takes you step by step at a steady pace through how the first routine worked. The instructions are simple and clear. I knew what was coming up at times...and I still missed it! James goes through misdirection as well here, which is great to hear at all times! He talks about angles etc about which hand goes where at each stage, and even Gary asks questions to help people who would want to ask...but obviously watching a DVD...can't ask the DVD for a response. Gary explains little things that he can/can't see which also gets covered, love it!

After this is a card to pocket routine, very clever, different, and I can see this going into most peopls act IMMEDIATELY!!! Again, a teach in with Gary. First off, a thought of card to pocket, then a repeat, then a complete vanish! Then a 6 card to pocket routine, I really like this!!! Well constructed and again well taught. I missed the 'move' several times, and I want to use this ASAP!!! Going to take a small amount of practice as everything will, but what a brilliant routine. I don't want to say too much because I really want others who get this to see how amazing this routine looks. Again, James shows off his great misdirection built into a routine, and explains step by step, every outcome, what would you do. I think the fact that Gary again asks 'What would happen if...' or adds his own ideas, really adds to this. Gary has in my opinion the best 6 cards to pocket routine created with just 6 cards and pocket...i think he might change to this now! No palming what soever, no moves, highly visual...just...Magical!!! James also goes through several ideas and so does Gary, again strengthening the effect!

Next James does a different card to pocket, which was seen on the demo to the DVD, but extended. Another very well constructed routine, with a signed card. The great thing again is the misdirection. Very simple, very effective, the routine..could be incorporated into your current ambitious card or something like that. A very strong routine indeed!

Ring routine performance- A series of different applications and routines you can do with a borrowed ring. Now, whilst watching, you may think...how can they not see what he is doing?!?! But you will see when you try it yourself, there is built in misdirection. As there are no moves with the workeroo, they have no reason to believe it is anywhere else than where it should be. A great series of things you can do, including a borrowed ring to box which was on display since before you even borrowed it! You learn how to very quickly gimmick ANY ring box, and no it isn't a hole in the bottom! I hate to say it again, but yet another strong routine!!! (Are there any weak ones you can do with this!!...i think not...)
Gary and James also go trough what happens if people look over the box etc and how to handle it, and Gary and James both make some great points!

You the see a live performance of several applications to two guys...who seemed a little gormless if I do say...personally if I saw what James did, I would be very impressed, they didn't seem too impressed, but I think they were impressed, just didn't show it. Gary spoke to them afterwards to see what they thought, and they both commended James on how they didn't see a thing and how amazing it looked.

You also get several ideas, first off, the signed coin in envelope...or out of envelope should I say...holy cow!!! What a great idea!!! Hands clean, hands off, the spectator places the coin in the envelope...they seal it...they hold it...and the dirty work is already done!!! So devilishly clever!

A few cool coin changes and vanishes, even one which changes in mid air!!! This has to be seen! Way way cool guys!

Again, more talks between Gary and James talking about all different ideas and applications that you can take away yourself. The workeroo can be incorporated with so many routines, and they can help get rid of extra items, or gimmicks etc to leave you clean, this really is a dream piece! I can't believe how many ideas these guys gave out! They didn't have to, but it was great, as they were jamming back and forth ideas. This section is just as valuable...if not more valuable than the other ideas, as it really exploits all the different aspects! Credits are given out to who they need to be, and all in all, one of the best releases in years!

So to some up. The workeroo itself is not a trick, it is a utility to work with ANY effect, and I really can't believe I have one. Having seen the direct link and owning one, and then having this, this is far superior and so many more applications and an easy handlings. They are well taught with great ideas and a friendly atmosphere. James really needs to be congratulated on how well this has come out and I think all of what I have just said STILL DOESN't GIVE IT JUSTICE! This is one of those items you have to own and use to appreciate how incredible this is! Well done, and thanks James!!! 11/10!

Chris Williams

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Postby Mandrake » Jul 31st, '07, 12:38

Thanks for that James, I assume Chris Williams is OK about posting his review here but if we get any flak from The Magic Cafe, we might have to rearrange things a little.

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Postby Schwen » Jul 31st, '07, 13:23

when you say rearrange things a little, you mean have 150 different sections for each different type of card trick?

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Postby Mandrake » Jul 31st, '07, 14:27

No, I'm just concerned about copying and pasting from one forum to another. Keep quiet and the Cafe may not notice.......

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Postby JAlexBrown » Aug 2nd, '07, 21:31

How much does this cost, and where can I get one? I just watched the video in the file sharing section, and I am really tempted to get one as soon as possible.

PS: I am terrible with conversion rates, so can I get the price in US dollars? Thanks in advance.


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Postby RobMagic » Aug 2nd, '07, 22:02

I think I paid £78.50 so in US dollars its about double

$155 - a great device, worth every penny i would say though you might need to buy some new trousers.

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Postby JAlexBrown » Aug 3rd, '07, 00:36

That is quite expensive! I think I may hold off a while and see if the price goes down or something, because $155 is a lot of money to spend, especially with a wife. (Wives are expensive...)


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Postby dat8962 » Aug 3rd, '07, 23:52

You could always swap the wife :wink:

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Postby Christopher Williams » Aug 7th, '07, 22:03

I am happy for my review to be here, i love it!

Christopher Williams
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