Humming Bird Card

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Humming Bird Card

Postby David The Cryptic » Aug 11th, '07, 00:01

Humming Bird Card
Cost: $10

Effect: A playing card spins in mid air, at your control.

My Over all Review:

This is a fairly decent effect. I used to perform it a whole lot, not sure why I stopped.
You are provided with everything you need: Thread and Instructions (and if through penguin a Video).

The basic move is to have the card spin in front of you, moving from hand to hand, or just there on its own. But much more can be accomplished with this set up.

The moves:
All the moves are taught fairly well in both the pamphlet and the ID.

+The Spin; This is the real first move you need to learn. With out perfecting this move the effect is nothing. There is no effect without the spin.

+Hand to Hand; This is a nice and easy move to get down, this will be used a lot, and can be varied in speed, directions and height.

+Around the Arms; This move takes a little bit of work, but well worth it.

+Around the Body; The killer selling move, but takes a lot of practice.

+“Cave” or Wall over Card; Not sure if this is taught, but it’s a small move I use some times. I don’t really make a big deal over it when I perform it, but it’s a nice seller.

+Levitation from Specs Hand; I love this move, it really a great moment when you levitate a playing card or their credit card right out of their hand.

I really truly enjoy this effect. Its plays well, works well, and can entertain.

It will take lots of practice, great crowd control, and lots of practice. You will want to make it look very smooth, as if there is no IT. IF it looks choppy or if it looks like your trying to hard, it will give it away. Work on making the spin last and smooth as well.
This is not one of those effects you can get one day and perform the next. This takes time, effort and experimenting.

I have yet to have a problem with people grabbing at it, or figuring it out. I have never been question. Believe it or not I once performed it in high school and the movie theater, fully surrounded, within 1 to 2 feet of me all the way around. No problems what’s so ever.
The theater was the most challenging though, as it was packed and just busy (Harry Potter Opening).

But don’t get this expecting to be amazing performer in a week or two.

But once you have this effect down, it will be a killer addition to your routine. I personally think its well worth the time and effort.

Rating 8/10
Difficulty 6/10

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Postby sdubin10 » Aug 12th, '07, 04:59

Good trick but people can not come too close to you

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