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Vernet Writer - Boon Type

Postby Lord Freddie » Aug 29th, '07, 20:07

The Effect
Vernet Boon Writer-pencil lead

These gimmicks are the most powerful tools a magician or mentalist can use. It's really very difficult to believe that with such a little and inexpensive gimmick, you can produce the quality and the quantity of effects that look like real miracles.

You can write letters, numbers, check marks, etc.surreptitiously, in front of the audience, giving the impression that it was written well before the event or effect. It gives you limitless possibilities.

These writers are refillable and include a pin to help extract the lead and Instructions.

£8.99 from

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

For a long time now I have been using the 'c' type Swami gimmick, you know the one that comes with the Sam Dalal booklet. As good as they are, replacing the l**d in them is a real pain and being a left-hander not too good at dealing with teeny little things like these I got incredibly annoyed with it once the initial l**d had run out.
I've thought about a boon before and was recommended one by some of the good folk on this here forum, people whose opinions are worth listening to, so I went and got one.
The thing that struck me about it at first was it looked like a nipple. I felt like James Bond in The Man With The Golden Gun and had to restrain myself from attaching it to my chest and pretending to imitate Scarmanga.
But not only does this little bu**er work like a dream, the l**d is easy to replace and Vernet even supply a pin to help with this!

Jolly good quality and if looked after will last an age.

(I can't complain at all about this)

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Postby I.D » Aug 30th, '07, 12:37

I hate 'C' type swami's never got round to keeping it on long enough to write with.

I have a 'Thumb writer Plus' which is very nice and does the job. I have thought about a TT boon, but I got a super sharpie instead, my best ever investment..

I may try a TT boon though for variety. !! Youtube Project started.. early days

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Postby Stephen Ward » Aug 30th, '07, 12:42

These are very good i have several of the vernet TT, never did like the 'C' ones to be honest.

Stephen Ward
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Postby Lord Freddie » Aug 30th, '07, 12:57

I never had trouble using the 'c' ones but when I tried to refill them they fell apart or the l**d kept falling out. Very fiddly and frustrating, but this boon one is great. Adheres properly and looks easy to refill. (Though I haven't needed to yet)

"You're like Yoda ..... you'd sell out to a Vodaphone advert if the money was right."
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Lord Freddie
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