Capitulating Cards

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Capitulating Cards

Postby Al Doty » Sep 3rd, '07, 07:53

Iv'e tried to cut and paste here but it didn't work so here goes anyway.

EFFECT: Four Queens are shown face-up, then the packet is squared and turned face-down. You count the cardsand show three blue back Bikes and one red back Tally Ho. You pull that card out and use it to lever over the packet and show the odd back card is the queen of spades. You repeat this twice more and each time they see three blue back Bikes and a different red back card (Tally-Ho fan back, Tally-Ho circle back, Red back Bike). The third red back card is a Bike and you tell them only one card to go and when ypu count the cards for the last time they see three red back Bikes and only one blue back Bike. Turn the cards face-up and spread them to reveal the four queens, then turn the fan over to show four different backs snd no duplicates.
COST: This came out around 1991 and I think I paid about $10 US. Not sure if it is still available.

DIFFICULTY: I would rate this a 3. There are some sleights but not too hard.

REVIEW: Comes with all the necessary cards to perform the effect. The instructions are easily understood and come with suggestions to help with performing. There areonly two sleights used, EC and DL, soit is not out of reach for most magicians. It is one of the most unusual color changes Iv'e seen and it gets excellent audience reaction. You can apply your own patter to fit your style of performing or the many different story lines that can work wth this. When I first saw this performed I was stunned and I had to have it and I have had loads of fun with something that looks like real magic.

OVERALL: I would rate this a 10/10 because of the amount of things happening and it is, from the laymans point of veiw, impossivle. I love this trick and recommend it to everyone that likes card magic. BY the way, this is my first review, bricks and bouquets accepted.

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