Stigmata (by Wayne Houchin) - powerful street magic

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Stigmata (by Wayne Houchin) - powerful street magic

Postby Beaye » Sep 5th, '07, 00:25

I just recently got Stigmata by Wayne Houchin.
What a great routine, I picked it up quickly and was almost straight out and performing it as soon as the DVD ended.

effect: A card is picked by the spectator, viewed and put back inside the deck.
The deck is shuffled.
I get the spectator to hold on to my wrist with a firm grip.
They mearly think about their card.......
When they let go, their card's number appears on my wrist as a red mark under the skin.

Mind blowing effect can also be done with a name written on a card which is then folded and held by the spectator. using a great method also taught on the DVD.

Its always strange paying so much money ($30) to learn one routine. But this one has already made it worthwhile by the reactions of people whos brains ive fried..... The addition of Millard Longman's "Acidus Novus" to this lesson made it worth every penny... seperatly this method is still very powerful.

Beaye Malphas

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Postby Benji28 » Sep 5th, '07, 00:56

Well it sounds great, i think im gonna go and get my hands on it, cheers for the short but sweet review

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Postby Josh Clarke » Sep 5th, '07, 01:13

An earlier review:
This really gets a strong reaction from spectators, especially when it's a word instead of a card or number.
P.S. I'm not sure why you posted this in the "Tricks 'n Props" review section ...

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