Super Mario Bros SFX key ring

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Super Mario Bros SFX key ring

Postby Atomo » Sep 9th, '07, 18:10

Super Mario Bros SFX key ring

I found mine in an urban outfitters clothing shop in london, but i've been told they're available in other shops too and probably online somewhere.

This is a small electric SFX device wich makes a variety of oldschool sounds from Super Mario Bros game on SNES. Its red with yellow buttons and its got a picture of Mario on the front. I didnt buy this for magic purposes but every time i heard the classic nintendo 'coin' sound i kept thinking about coin tricks.

I have just been trying it out with a matrix type routine and it has gone down really well. The way i use the device is i suppose a bit like a magic wand, each time i cause a coin to travel from card to card i press the 'coin' sfx button, and then i reveal that a coin has jumped. At the end i do Shoots 'Quick Matrix' move and get them to press the button 4 times, and then to lift the card and see that 4 coins have travelled. Everyone i've shown it too seems to love it, especially when they get to pres the button. Everyone remebers super mario, so it just seems to make the trick more fun. Try it out if you've got one, its awesome!

not exactly a magic item but has alot of potential. Barry and stuart use sound effects alot in their live show, i ts nice to mark the 'magic moment' with a cool sound, try using the 'power up' mushroom sound to make a coin grow, or a £5 turn into a £20.

10/10 for being a cool super mario thing.


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Postby Nechto » Oct 3rd, '07, 14:05

Great idea Atomo,

I can imagine spectators having loads of fun!!

Cheers for the idea,


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Postby magicdiscoman » Oct 3rd, '07, 14:08

nice the sounds lend themselves to many coin routines, scotch and soda and hopping coins to metion two.


Postby majortom » Oct 3rd, '07, 19:09

Nice idea Atomo,

If you could figure out a way to activate the sounds yourself, with the keyring out of sight, you'd have some real fun with it.

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Postby HenryHoudini » Oct 3rd, '07, 20:59

My thoughts exactly, perhaps a misers dream routine?

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Super Mario "Prop"

Postby Magi Shan » Jul 21st, '08, 18:15

Really nice to read this thread.

I have inherited a trait from my mother of not being able to pass a "bargain" or "pound-shop" without sneaking inside. Here I can find the most unusual, unexpected and cheap props for my routines. I even found the Mini Maestro "The Wizard's School of Magic" packs in Birkenhead and Ellesmere Port for a £1 each.

(actually, in one of these packs there was a "Genie" bottle. I lent it to a fellow magician, only for one of his children to accidentally break. Bearing in mind it was only part of a £1 pack, he promised to get a replacement - from Ebay - from the States... it cost him over £10... should have gone to the Wirral :lol: )

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