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Postby pablo diablo 73 » Feb 5th, '11, 21:45

I managed to pick up the 'colour deception' version on e-bay nice and cheap.
Whilst it was quick to learn, after just 2 swaps of the chip my girlfriend immediately said "you're just turning them over" so I had to go almost immediately to the secret move to change the colours - I cant say she seemed particularly blown away. I'm very new to Magic so didn't have a great patter to go with the routine but was disappointed all the same.

Since then I have thought of a different concept to begin with:
Instead of immediately doing the black and white swapping hands routine - I suggest showing a chip in each hand then putting your hands behind your back as if you were swapping the chips over (you can even tap the sides together so it sounds like they are being mixed) - the bring out one closed fist and play the old game of 'guess which colour chip is in my fist?' ; whether they say black or white you can obviously then reveal them to be wrong - or right if you prefer by revealing the chip in the appropriate manner. This can be repeated as many times as you like in a 'monte' style betting game. If you allow for your spec to be always right or always wrong then they should start to guess you're manipulating the chip in some way after a few turns, so you can then hold out both fists and say "OK I'll make it easier and keep my hands in view at all times" once they've cottoned on to you just turning the chips over you can then move to the colour change finale.
It's only a small suggestion but really pads out the routine time.


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Postby screwystewie » Feb 7th, '11, 13:02

Just to let people know another POV, I had this years ago and I think it is an awful routine, and an awful prop.

I dislike anything where the spec is made to either look or feel stupid. And that is basically all that happens here.

Reminds me of the Seinfield bit about magicians. "Here's a quarter. Now it's gone. You're a jerk."

The prop is badly made (what do you expect for 18 quid), the insert usually doesn't fit properly, the instructions are lacking.

Spend the 18 on a decent book, imho.



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