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Postby ElMago » Sep 29th, '07, 21:53

An excellent trick. When presented properly, the effect is a great presentation that can be geared toward kids and adults.

While D'Lite is almost self working, it does require timed hand movement that does take some practice. Works best in pairs, but you can do some great things with a single as well.

For "stage magicians" this is a great opener. If you are a close up or street performer, this can be done at any point in the routine.

Definitely good to have.

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Postby Lord Freddie » Sep 29th, '07, 22:00

Yes, but after a month or so of keeping them in your pocket, it becomes incredibly discoloured so it's only suitable for perfoming:

1) At night
2) Dressed as Al Jolson

It's a good effect, I just wish the TT itself was of better quality and not so attracted to fabric dyes....


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Postby .:Ham:. » Sep 29th, '07, 22:31

D'Lites are very useful to mentalism performers as well might I add! Check out Explicit Content by Sean Fields for ideas.


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Postby seymourmagic » Nov 27th, '07, 11:14

i had a pair when i was first getting involved with magic I used them regularly and eventually wore them out. I just ordered my replacement pair today. In my opinion they are worth the expense and practice, they can be a real joy to see and to own. I am in the process of adding in some lightbulb effects and I'm hoping to use my d'lites to do some lighted color changes to the lightbulbs. using this method the lightbulbs could be handed out for examination before and after the effects. I am in the process of expanding from table hopping into stage magic. the new d'lites will be a welcomed addition, I'm still saving up tp get them in other colors as well :wink:

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