The Gypsy Deck by Card-Shark

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The Gypsy Deck by Card-Shark

Postby bananafish » Oct 25th, '07, 10:27

The Gypsy Deck by Card-Shark

How Much: £17

What You Get:
A deck of cards

The Review
I’m not really one for all these “special” decks of cards. The Ghost Decks, The Black Tigers, The Green Decks etc. For me they have always taken away from the magic and by the very fact that they are unusual become suspicious.

“I bet he couldn’t do that with an ordinary cards”

However. And it is a big However (I was going to use a bigger font to emphasise my point – but that is just cheap journalism) this new Gypsy Deck has really got me thinking, and the creative juices flowing.

It is effectively a deck of cards designed to look and feel like a deck from the 18th or 19th century.

I saw them for the first time at the Ipswich Convention and although I admit it is quite a lot to pay for a deck of cards, for the right effects these little beauties will help create an atmosphere that just wouldn’t be possible with an ordinary deck of Bikes. If you buy one of those really nice Velvet or Silk bags from Card Collection to keep them in, and perhaps a few candles then you are ready to go for some amazingly powerful magic performed as it may well have been by Gypsies hundreds of years ago.

The quality is superb, which is as you would expect from Christian Schenk (or Card-Shark as we know him here). He has done an amazing job, but as if all that isn’t enough, to borrow a phrase from Stewart James, it goes further than that.

You see the cards are marked in a very subtle way. It took me about 10 minutes to find the little buggers the first time and remember I knew where I was meant to be looking, so there is no chance anyone else would casually find them.

When I say it took 10 minutes – that doesn’t mean to say it will always take 10 minutes. Now I am used to what and where I am looking it takes a couple of seconds per card to read. More than ample time if you choose the moment and effect.

But (all together now) It goes further than that…

You see Christian is also putting out extension decks, that just give you that many more options.

For example, you can get “Force Decks”, Gaffed Cards, and ready made up packet effects if you so wish. All readily available from your local magic dealer. Well, World Magic Shop and Card Collection are selling them at least.

And if that wasn’t enough, it goes (come on – say it with me) Further than that.

You see Christian Schenk is not just a printer, he is also a top bloke, and if there is any type of gaff card you think would benefit you – Just ask him for a quote on how much it would cost to make it up. You will be very surprised at how reasonable he is.

And – it can’t go any further than that…

Bottom Line
I’m not going to give it a rating. That’s too subjective for something like this, which is more a prop than an effect, but if you think it’s the sort of thing you could use, for that special private party gig, or even a dinner party – then I can’t recommend it enough. I know I will get a lot of use out of it.

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Postby IAIN » Oct 25th, '07, 10:44

I'm looking forward to my tarot version and extension pack..unfortunately, the shop i used, they had a new packer and sent me a one way deck and the extension pack for the gypsy deck...


Postby Peter Veran » Oct 26th, '07, 23:08

These are very good!

Peter Veran
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